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Bucking V Outfit, Montana

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Bucking V Outfit

BuckingV.com (U R here)
Shepherd, Montana
Donna Grace & Daughters
Survival Horses

AQHA bloodline directory
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Hancock Breeder Directory
articles & old photos
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AQHA bloodline directory
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Buckaroo Hall of Fame
& Museum, Winnemucca NV

Vaquero heritage style of
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"Chief Eagle" Pendleton wool blanket - Legendary Blanket collection
"in God We Trust"

drawing by Donna Grace - Bucking V Outfit homepage

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Curly Horses
curlyhorses.com is now a portal site for hypoallergenic Curly Horses.
Native American Curly History

Tin Foil Cowboy Hat
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Eastern Montana
Appaloosa Horse Club

Local club for all horse lovers - with lots of activities going on. Join now!

Montana Rope-Halters
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cowboy rope halters
matching leads
high quality - low prices

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Introducing ABCA registered Milly ABC-383596, born 07-22-2012 in the Dillon Montana area. I am so grateful to Seth Probst for selling Milly to me. I am so blessed!


Twice Roan, Pat Beard up (photo courtesy of Promised Land Ranch)

FOR SALE: Crow Country Curly Horses (me) is currently offering -
2013 hypoallergenic (smooth coat) bay roan colt
sired by 16.1 hh AQHA Twice Roaned (above)
out of my last good Warrior mare, Warrior Wind (below)
currently located at Promised Land Ranch, WA.
direct any inquiries to me, or email Joel at Promised Land Ranch

Donna Grace with friends on high desert
DG with friends on the high desert

About me: I am Donna Grace; I descend from a gritty old homesteader family. I raised 2 daughters that are the salt of the earth, whom I love with all my heart - they are my greatest acheivement. I have been in agriculture all my life. I have been an AI tech since I was a kid; I have raised registered cattle and horses off and on all my life. In my heyday I ranched over 6500 acres on the Crow Indian Reservation, running a working guest cattle ranch with farming, commercial and registered beef cattle herds, working stock dogs and a 100+ range horse breeding operation. There we raised our own ranch horses, which included fancy roan Hancock Quarter Horses, and Curly ranch horses that were hypoallergenic stockhorses that traced mostly to old foundation Quarter Horse bloodlines. These days things are much quieter; I am a vet tech at Lockwood Veterinary Service. I live in a little cabin near Shepherd, Montana. I have one mare left, the best left from my best, bred to one of my favorite bloodline stallions. And I will soon own another registered lovely loyal merle Border Collie that will have the highly bred capability to not only work gentle enough on sheep, but will be tough enough for cattle. She will be my fourth Ruby, and a cousin to BBC Ruby the last one who I still grieve for.

I hope at least one of my websites brings you enjoyment or enlightenment - or in some small way helps you do the right things for the right reasons. Be honest, be ethical, do your best, and you will prosper.


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