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“Every day I wake up and work at shedding one more layer of ignorance
— by listening carefully.” ~ David Rasnick



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Finance 'Guru' Reveals Financial Collapse and COVID Jab Data: COVID provided a smoke screen for central banks and governments, allowing them to temporarily hide the reality that the financial system is crashing. But now that the clock has run out for kicking the financial doomsday can down the road, here's what you need to be ready for in the coming months. video link (01:14:18)

Global takeover mirrors hijacking medicine, CDC hiding data read more here.


money laundering pyramid

International Organizations That Operate Outside the Law: At the top of the ivory tower, sits BIS, the Bank for International Settlements, with absolute sovereign immunity from suits and every form of judicial process, as of 1945. When carrying out specific activities under BIS, this immunity extends to its members, which is made up of 63 global central banks and monetary authorities, the Federal Reserve System, plus insurers, and payment systems through their subsidiary, that BIS deems “systemically important institutions.” But wait; there's more... much more... These organizations cover nearly every industry which operate freely behind these organizations and banks, and effectively rule the world. They create special privileges for themselves, not above the law, but completely outside of the system, signed some pieces of paper, and declared they have immunity to steal people’s hard-earned money. Law-abiding people who mind their own business, take care of their family by working, paying taxes, acruing debt, and losing wealth annually.

The John Birch Society explains that state governments have an obligation to make all unconstitutional federal actions unenforceable, or null and void, and lay out two ways of accomplishing this when it comes to federal spending. (1) Nullify the Federal Reserve which is unconstitutional and has created a monopoly on currency. They illustrate how 42 states have enacted legislation to abolish or curtail sales taxes on precious metals, which is a big step toward treating them as legal tender. Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming are leading the pack by reaffirming the validity of gold and silver as legal tender to compete against Federal Reserve Notes. Texas opened a state precious-metals depository, and Tennessee has enacted legislation to study creating its own depository.
The bottom line for states: They had better stop taking federal financial assistance which locks them into the rules and stipulations the government attaches to those funds, and they had better start holding them accountable, severing ties, and fulfilling their obligations to the people of their state, or these thieves will continue to thrive until they bleed everyone dry.
The bottom line for people: People, on the other hand, had better start paying attention to who they are doing business with, where they are banking and investing, why cash is so important to stay out of their system, and why everyone must get this information in the hands of their legislators immediately. Trillions of dollars have moved from the people, through the IRS and big Gov, and straight into their hands.

The Constitution of the United States


Q&A About Prepping; Affordably, Realistically

Seth Hollhouse, Man in America, a podcast from an Ohio homestead.



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