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“Inform yourself...” ~ Omi (who knew Nazis)

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  • “Every day I wake up and work at shedding one more layer of ignorance — by listening carefully.” ~ David Rasnick
  • don't listen to mainstream media
  • don't cave to popular narrative or pressure
  • research all sides of the stories...
  • watch for "confession by projection"

Agenda 21 explained in 2 minutes by G Edward Griffin (2:05)

MONOPOLY ~ Who owns the world? by Tim GielenMONOPOLY ~ Who owns the world? (1:03:19)
September, 2021 by Tim Gielen.
[or watch the unabridged version] (2:42:04); exposing and explaining "The Great Reset."
[or watch the shortest abridged version] (45:23);
WHY would Covid be mis-represented world-wide?
HOW could Covid be mis-represented world-wide?
WHO can we trust and believe? Follow the Money (stopworldcontrol.com)

The Malicious Plan to Abolish Home Ownership. Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola; fact checked April 26, 2022. This is an article about the above Follow the Money facts, in a pdf format, with source and reference citations. Linked in article: Youtube recent episode of "60 Minutes" by Lesley Stahl: Lack of new construction and corporate landlords contributing to skyrocketing rent (13:18). Lesley Stahl reports on how lack of construction in the 2010s has created a nationwide housing crisis, and opportunistic Wall Street firms have stepped in.

Inform Yourself (the Bad News):
Where: global
What: the Great Reset
Why: depopulation
How: (vectors): C19 Tx & vaxx, with venom toxins


Is COVID-19 Caused by Snake Venom peptides?

Venom-Covid Connection with Dr. Tau Braun (01:09:04) Apr 29, 2022. Dr. Tau Braun (drtaubraun.com), U.S. National Counterterrorism & EMS Advisor and Trainer, Chief Scientist, Counter-Bioterrorism Division, Bio-Chem Engineering, Executive Director of the Violence Prevention Agency, and Clinical Psychologist, shares his thoughts and concerns about SARS-COV-2. “Senator Adam Schiff in Jan 2019 began cleansing anti-vaccine info off internet.” In June of 2021, Dr. Braun sent a letter to the FBI explaining the threat of envenomation via the virus and how this could be used as a possible chemical weapon. [If this is taken off of Youtube, I downloaded a copy.] "We KNOW there are venoms in Covid-19; and the vax, because it has that same gene sequence."

Dr Braun with Dr. Ardis (01:10:40) (Vokal Media) April 12th, 2022 "The Doctor Ardis Show"

Mike Adams: Dr. Bryan Ardis Reveals Bombshell, Origins of COVID, mRNA Vaccines and Remdesivir 3 part video series, April 12, 2022.
part 1 of 3
part 2 of 3
part 3 of 3
follow up Q & A
University of Arizona researchers find link between COVID deaths and snake venom.
Like Venom Coursing Through the Body: Researchers Identify Mechanism Driving COVID-19 Mortality (17:30) Researchers have identified what may be the key molecular mechanism responsible for COVID-19 mortality – an enzyme related to neurotoxins found in rattlesnake venom. By Rosemary Brandt, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Aug. 24, 2021.

    fact: Zeb Zelenko warned Dr Ardis he is #1
     on pharmaceutical industry's hit list

    fact: Thomas Lenz, Dr Ardis' attorney,
     has fact-checked the validity of that hit list

follow up Q & A (46:08) Health Ranger
another Q & A (01:10:55, start at 12 m) Man in America
Watch the Water documentary (59:37) Stew Peters

• biggest disclaimer: Snake Venom and COVID-19: “In some circles an insane amount of attention was paid this week to the theories of a chiropractor previously celebrated for speaking out on the fraudulent Remdesivir saga in the US...”

Anyone who is working to get to the bottom of things, stays pretty busy searching for the truth; they are not spending their time slinging insults, discredit, or vying for status or believability... these guys need to work together, not compete with each other. The ones throwing mud are not working on what needs their attention.

PHARMA SNAKES: Thirteen Irrefutable FACTS About Snake Venom, Big Pharma And Biological Weapons by Mike Adams, Natural News Friday, April 15, 2022 (original brighteon.com video) and 13 Irrefutable Facts About Snake Venom, Big Pharma And Bioweapons (the article). Excerpt: We've spent much of this week researching the venom peptide industry, and what we've found is rather astonishing. In fact, I think it's one of the biggest stories in the history of modern pharmaceutical medicine. Here's what we know so far:

Fact #1 – Big Pharma routinely uses venom and venom peptides for drug discovery. Around 150,000 animal species are known to produce toxins, and scientists estimate that 20 million toxins exist (only a small fraction have been studied).

Fact #2 – Massive venom libraries already exist (20,000+ venom peptides) and are marketed to the pharma industry for drug discovery. Two such companies are Venomtech (UK) and ToxinTech (USA).

Fact #3 – One venom library company celebrates how its venoms for Big Pharma are able to "immobilize and kill prey .. in seconds or minutes." They explain that venoms are "Perfected by millions of years of evolution" in order to target "neuromuscular, cardiovascular, hemostatic and other life functions." (ToxinTech.com home page, sourced April 14, 2022) This means that venom library licensing companies recognize the toxicity of the compounds they are offering to drug companies. In fact, they state so in their own marketing materials.

Fact #4 – Reptile venoms can be weaponized and made into biological weapons. Protein sequences are provided by the venom library companies, allowing gain-of-function research to engineer venom peptides into viral payloads or mRNA therapeutics. Because venoms are poisons, the knowledge of how to engineer and synthesize those poisons at the amino acid level is also knowledge of how to build biological or chemical weapons.

Fact #5 – Dozens of pharmaceuticals derived entirely from animal venom already exist. Many are FDA approved. A full chart has been published by Natural News (here): https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-04-14-millions-people-swalling-venom-derived-pharmaceuticals-rattlesnakes-pit-vipers-death-stalker-scorpions.html

Fact #6 – Pharma appears to be HIDING the venom origins of their products, making few or no disclosures on marketing websites about the actual origin of their drugs. You would have to read the insert sheets and understand latin names to know that their drugs come from animal venom.

Fact #7 – Nearly zero doctors or patients know about the venom origins of venom-derived medications. Thus, patients are swallowing actual reptile venom molecules but being told by their doctors that it is "medication." The FDA's approving of a venom as a medication does not magically transform it into something that is non-toxic. The toxicity is simply reframed as "therapeutic" by the FDA, which then hands the pharmaceutical company a market monopoly to sell a molecule that was actually pirated from nature.

Fact #8 – Venom molecules and venom peptides are mass synthesized in pharmaceutical factories. This is a common practice. This is referred to by numerous scientific and bioscience resources, including the World Economic Forum.

Fact #9 – Venoms and venom peptides are synthesized as "chemically stable" (ToxinTech.com) and are routinely delivered via liquid solutions without any preservatives. (They need no special preservatives to maintain their structure and function.) Nanocarriers are also available to further stabilize the venom peptides. [R] (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31223083)
VenomTech Company Announces Massive Library Of SNAKE VENOM Peptides For Pharmaceutical Development; "Nanocarriers" Stabilize Snake Venom In WATER (PubMed) https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-04-13-venomtech-company-announces-massive-library-of-snake-venom-peptides-for-pharmaceutical-deployment.html

Fact #10 – Venoms can be touted by pharmaceutical companies as "naturally occurring," because they are. Yet this label can be misleading since people equate the word "natural" with "healthful" or "safe."

Fact #11 – Because venom peptides are stable in solution, they can be weaponized and mass produced, then distributed via air, water, food or contact surfaces. This means that it is entirely plausible that mass poisoning via venom peptides could be accomplished through the water supply, or the food supply, or dropped on cities via drones, etc. These are not outlandish ideas in the least. The US Dept of Homeland Security just recently conducted chemical weapons simulation tests in New York City, releasing "non-toxic gas" in city parks and subway stations in order to study this very thing. If it's a "crazy conspiracy theory," then somebody needs to tell DHS, because they've been drilling for this exact scenario.

Fact #12 – Some toxins are skin-penetrating and can be absorbed merely by TOUCHING. (Not a venom, but a toxin or poison.) This was all admitted in an Ecohealth Alliance proposal to DARPA, as covered in this story: Leaked DARPA document, DRASTIC analysis confirms attack on humanity using aerosolized, skin-penetrating nanoparticle spike proteins. https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-09-23-leaked-darpa-document-confirms-attack-on-humanity-using-aerosolized-skin-penetrating-nanoparticle-spike-proteins.html

Fact #13 – Venoms and venom peptides produced for pharma are so stable that they survive stomach acid, which means the venom peptides are stable in solution, including in rather acidic (reactive) solutions. This means they do not automatically break down in city water, either. If venom toxins were not highly stable molecules, they would not be very good venoms in the first place. As ToxinTech explains, "millions of years of evolution" has perfected the functionality of these molecules.

The Very Enzyme That Is Associated With Increased Covid-19 Mortality Is Blocked By An ANTI-VENOM Compound;

Snake Venom Company Venomtech Announces Partnership With Charles River Laboratories, Which Ran Fauci's "Secret Island" Of Medical Experiments On Monkeys And Beagles;

Patents: Proof of Worldwide Envenomation that Supports Dr. Ardis COVID Claims: Dr. Aryiana Love brings the patents and receipts helping prove Dr. Ardis' claims about the plot to envenomate the world. Dr. Love joins the Stew Peters Show to reveal her findings.

Patents: PROOF of Worldwide Envenomation (17:30) Supports Dr Bryan Ardis' COVID Claims. At TheDrArdisShow.com you can download as pdfs.

Judy Mikovits Provides Conclusive & Scientific Proof that Snake Venom is Connected to Covid-19 (01:37:17) Pete Santilli Show Interviews episode 2921 published April 26, 2022, with special guest Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD (Molecular Biologist) in a POWERFUL interview that you do not want to miss.


chlorine dioxide is an effective treatment for envenomation ~ Andreas Kalcker



God's antidotes:

• chlorine dioxide
• hydroxychloroquine
• vit. C
• vit. D
• ivermectin
• magnesium
• melatonin
• NAC / glutathione
• zinc



So This is the Endgame...

Russell Brand, UK - Why the New World Order Wants Programmable Currency by Dr Joseph Mercola April 13, 2022

NWO - nothing to see here, move along

Urgent: Central Bank Apocalypse Planned
Why the New World Order Wants Programmable Currency
by Dr Joseph Mercola April 13, 2022
What's really behind COVID and the war in Ukraine -
and how is it designed to give the central banks unprecedented
and previously unimaginable power over individual spending?
Prepare for an apocalypse,
our opportunity to change course is short.

A Warning to Humanity from Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon (57:52) May 16, 2021. Dr. Michael Yeadon was the former Chief Scientist and Vice-President of Pfizer Respiratory & Allergy Research, and has worked for over 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry. At great personal cost, he broke from Pfizer and warns about sweeping public health agency lies and a falsely declared pandemic. Find out why he did it; and why he is worried about the future of his grandchildren. If you are short on time, watch the wrap-up from 41:00.

Dr. Robert Malone on Joe Rogan (03:06:16) Dr. Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology, appeared on episode #1757 of the “JRE” podcast on Dec 30, 2021. With over 200 million listeners/ viewers monthly, the “Joe Rogan Experience” has more audience than all the mainstream media combined [R] full transcript here.
Dr. Robert Malone on Joe Rogan abbreviated version (45:35)
What Dr. Robert Malone could NOT tell Joe Rogan (Mike Adams' Health Ranger Report on Brighteon) Think motive, what makes sense about global vaccine holocaust & long term consequences.

Stay Away from Hospitals (01:59) by Dr. Peterson Pierre ~ Frontline Flash™

Corruption in the Health Field. Frontline Flash™ On Location: “Corruption In The Health Field” feat. Matt Gaetz @ Project Veritas.

Once Were the Living (1:54:48). Long, thorough, informative and very helpful; pulls it all together with everything you need to know about C19, past & present. The difference between nascience and ignorance. How many are coached to abandon love and liberty for debt and dependency.

The Great Reset is No Conspiracy Theory (50:35) The United Nations and WEF Have Joined Forces

The Great Reset (1:44:33), The Rockefeller Plan & Agenda 2021 explained by David Icke. October 30, 2021.

The World Economic Forum (1:35:16) November 06, 2021. WEF member (refer to themselves as elites) predictions and their vision for life in 2030. Fear shuts down the part of our brain designed to solve problems. Without that ability, we look for others to guide and save us. In doing so, we can lose touch with our most primal nature; we may forget that we are an extension of possibly the most brilliant and resilient ecosystem in the universe.

InDoctornNation: UnMasking The Plandemic (1:15:30) Aug 19, 2020. A documentary providing clear evidence that everything unfolding today has been planned since the late 1990s when massive amounts of patents were filed on coronaviruses in 1999, according to National Intelligence analyst, David E. Martin, PhD. Expert testimony from Dr. Meryl Nass, Dr. Judy Mikovits, attorney Mary Holland, and Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies. From the Rockefeller takeover of the media and the pharmaceutical industry years ago, to the modern day rise of Technocracy led by Bill Gates, to the current Plandemic being used to install fear in the masses, this film unmasks it all, brilliantly produced by Mikki Willis. [Health Impact News] or go to plandemicseries.com.

COVIDLAND, the LOCKDOWN (full movie) (1:48:23) on FreeWorldNews.tv, written by Geoff Bourgeois, produced & directed by Paul Whittenberger, starring Bill Sardi, G. Edward Griffin, narrated by Alex Jones. This is a rest-of-the-story overview of the pandemic.

The Plandemic Timeline (by Clay Clark)

Terrain the Film: Virus Theory and Sars-cov2 Exposed (1:01:50). Film featuring groundbreaking doctors Andrew Kaufman, Stefan Lanka and Dr Thomas Cowan, Exposing scientific hidden truth on viruses and health treatment worldwide.

Cowboy Covid rant (2:12)

CIA's Mainstream Media Waging a War Against the People (02:54) CIA is the law enforcement arm of the global banking and financial oligarchy. CIA is headquartered in Switzerland, not USA, ever wondered why? The mainstream media is controlled by this organisation to tell you what to think and when.

Covid Revealed: Crimes Against Humanity (trailer 05:01) Dec 01-09, 2021, Dr. Patrick Gentempo. This content is mirrored; I am sharing low resolution videos here. You can support the creators by acquiring the original HD package with bonus features. All credit, royalties and sincere gratitude go to the original source and makers of this powerful series available at vrevealed.com. (

Covid Revealed Episode 1 of 11 (2:34:54)
00:02:32 - intro
00:06:59 - Dr. Peter McCullough part 1
01:04:32 - Del Bigtree part 1, medical research reporter
01:44:28 - Dr. Robert Malone part 1, mRNA vaccine developer
02:19:08 - patient stories
Covid Revealed ep 1 bonus interview (54:36) Megan Redshaw; law degree, investigative journalist.

Covid Revealed Episode 2 of 11 (2:09:50)
00:02:00 - intro
00:03:09 - Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
00:57:51 - Dr. Peter McCullough part 2
01:49:17 - patient stories
RF Kennedy Jr's been standing up to the elite his entire life: Big Pharma, Big Tech, Government groups, Monsanto, etc., he's won multiple times in court.
Covid Revealed ep 2 bonus (41:41) John Stockton (NBA legend)

Covid Revealed Episode 3 of 11 (2:27:18)
00:02:39 - intro
00:04:10 - Dr. Robert Malone part 2 of 3
00:44:51 - Dr. Jack Kruse
01:45:03 - Dr. James Lyons-Weiler part 1
Dr. Jack Kruze, neurosurgeon, and an original vaccine researcher, fighting for sovereignty, decentralized medicine; he perfectly outlines the who, how & why of the current situation, which he has predicted and warned about for 10 years. James Lyons-Weiler, Ph.D, a highly certified senior researcher well known for his peer-reviewed, published papers: Pathogenic priming.
Covid Revealed ep 3 bonus (31:28) D. Alec Zeck, Health Freedom for Humanity: “With covid, they are narcissistically abusing, manipulating, gaslighting, denying and trying to frame anyone who questions them as the villain; like an abusive father”.

Covid Revealed Episode 4 of 11 (2:26:23)
00:02:05 - intro
00:03:18 - Dr. Zach Bush
01:22:23 - Dr. Bryan Ardis part 1
02:12:47 - Patient Stories

Covid Revealed ep 4 bonus (39:12) Michael Jay Green, attorney, Hawaii, heading class action suit for civil personnel, first responders.

Covid Revealed Episode 5 of 11 (1:59:41)
00:02:10 - intro
00:04:18 - Dr. David Martin part 1
00:57:05 - Dr. James Lyons-Weiler part 2
01:45:25 - Patient Stories

Covid Revealed ep 5 bonus (41:04) Barbara Loe Fisher

Covid Revealed Episode 6 of 11 (2:43:53)
00:04:00 - Dr. Brian Hooker part 1
00:53:54 - Del Bigtree part 2
01:36:23 - Dr. Paul Elias Alexander

Covid Revealed ep 6 bonus (57:58) Kate Dalley

Covid Revealed Episode 7 of 11 (2:29:13)
00:02:50 - intro
00:04:11 - Dr. Peter McCullough part 3
00:51:50 - Dr. Brian Hooker part 2
01:45:13 - Dr. Joe Mercola

Covid Revealed ep 7 bonus (58:25) Tom Woods will write PandemicChapter.com for what will be omitted in future history books.

Covid Revealed Episode 8 of 11 (1:53:46)
00:02:04 - intro
00:03:25 - Dr. Lee Merritt (term: "unrestricted warfare")
01:10:34 - Dr. Bryan Ardis part 2
Covid Revealed ep 8 bonus (57:25) Stephen Petty

Covid Revealed Episode 9 of 11 (1:47:04)
00:01:56 - intro
00:03:07 - Dr. Robert Malone part 3 of 3
00:38:10 - Dr. David Martin part 2
Covid Revealed ep 9 bonus (51:13)

Covid Revealed Episode 10 of 11 (2:56:08)
00:02:46 - intro
00:03:44 - Dr. Dan Stock
01:12:31 - Dr. Jeff Barke
02:06:01 - Sayer Ji

Covid Revealed Episode 11 of 11 (2:35:42)
Richard Fleming, doctor, scientist, physicist, lawyer. He dismisses nanotechnology, GO, tracking, creatures, etc., found in C19 shots as an issue. But the mRNA gene therapy vaccine is criminal cause for Nuremburg 2, genetic experimentation without consent. Fauci is a criminal. No doctors, scientists, etc., in history, ever thought they were prosecutable, and yet all were.
01:21:40 - Ken Ruckers, PhD (former Packers lineman) wife vaxx-injured; started c19vaxreactions.com.
01:46:58 - Dr Thomas Levy, viamin C, hydrogen peroxide nebulizer, other remedies.

Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, and Angels of Death, The government, big pharma, censorship and mega corporation (Google, Amazon) influence, Dec 2019. ~ Dr. Marilyn Singleton, MD, JD. American. Black. Doctor. Uncensored.

Three African Presidents Who Opposed Covid Vaccines in 2020 Conveniently Died, Replaced by Pro-Vaxxers.
President Jovenel Moise of Haiti—only days after his murder by mercenaries (among those accused of the assassination were people on the FBI's and NSA's payroll), the US dispatched vaccines to Haiti with a team of FBI agents.
President John Magufuli of Tanzania—an outspoken coronavirus skeptic tested a goat, a sheep, a pawpaw and other non-human samples; and got those test results back as positive for Covid. He denied the global emergency pandemic mandates in his country. President Magufuli went missing February 27, 2021, and was later announced found dead March 17 at age 61. Soon after Magufuli's death, Tanzania ordered a huge shipment of the products worth millions of dollars for its 60 million citizens.
President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi—who expelled WHO Officials and refused to impose restrictions on the small African nation. He died suddenly on June 8, 2020.

• WND Exclusive: Latest case of weaponizing the justice system after James O'Keefe and Project Veritas: Rachel Alexander updates readers about a conservative attorney targeted by Arizona State Bar. Published November 2021.

AssaultOnPrivacy.com We have learned that the Department of Justice secretly spied on Project Veritas journalists' and security detail's Apple and Google accounts. See the shocking story now. April 2022.

MASS MURDER by UK government, witnessed by funeral director John O'Looney. Funeral directors saw no increase in death rates, world wide, during 2020, despite what CDC & governments cried. They saw remarkable increases in death rates in 2021, after vaxx began.

The Names of the People Killing Humanity” compiled by Dr. David Martin – It's Time for Justice. Martin's list of 36 people that need to be targeted for the Nuremberg 2.0 trials. There will, no doubt, be more added, but this is a great start. Great article with links & videos.

Democide The Murder of People by a Government By Alden Morris. Posted Wednesday, February 4, 2015. In the 20th century Theodore Abel coined the term "democide" in order to define "the murder of any person or people by a government." The term was hardly known but soon caught on after the political scientist R.J. Rummel redefined the term to include governments that also commit genocide, politicide, and even mass murder. Naturalnews.com. Professor Rummel passed away March 2, 2014. His "Powerkills" website is maintained by the University of Hawaii Political Science Department.

Another Brick in the Great Wall of Coolangatta, Australia, by Simon Black | Sovereign Man | September 7, 2021. Every superpower in history has fallen. The Italian city-states. The Ottoman Empire. Spain. France. Britain. These empires were all No. 1 in the world for a period of time. Sometimes centuries. And nobody believed they could fall. But every, single one did. It's a natural cycle. Nations, like people, rise, peak and decline. The US is the world's dominant superpower today. But the uncomfortable truth is that it is in terminal decline. America has over $27 trillion in debt… and a ‘net worth' of NEGATIVE $65 trillion - and that's by the government's own calculations. Both Social Security and Medicare are broke and will run out of cash by about 2033.pigeons attack 5G tower

Tyrants Cook Protestors Alive: Laser Microwaves Deployed On Anti-Globalist Crusaders

5G Radiation Attack On Australian Protestors. Worldwide Tin Foil Hat info for those of us on the red list. ~ the resistance.

Australians Attack 5G...

The Science of 5G with Dr. Russ Witte

Biotech Analyst Issues 5G Warning: Biden DHS Actively Working To Subvert Talk About 5G

5G Radiation ~(thebigvirushoax.com)

Zachary Vorhies, Interview on the Pete Santilli Show Episode 2629 (41:21) September 26, 2021. The highest ranking Google insider who anonymously leaked internal documents to Project Veritas and then made the decision to go public in an on-the-record video interview. Google deliberately pushes fear, doubt, while it diverts people away from finding cures, in face of Covid pandemic. His book: Google Leaks: A Whistleblower's Exposé of Big Tech Censorship, by Zach Vorhies.

Roger Stone Interview (21:29) The Pete Santilli Show Episode 2587, August 27, 2021: Roger Stone (stonecoldtruth.com) is a seasoned political operative, speaker, pundit, and New York Times bestselling author featured in the Netflix documentary “Get Me Roger Stone.” A veteran of ten national presidential campaigns, he served as a senior campaign aide to three Republican presidents: Nixon, Reagan and Trump. Roger Stone was indicted on fabricated charges in the now discredited Mueller witch hunt and subjected to a Soviet-style show trial in Washington DC in which his first, fourth and sixth amendment rights were violated. His sentence was commuted by President Donald J. Trump as an act of justice and mercy on July 10, 2020.

Yes, BlackRock’s Home-Buying Spree Should Concern You, by JD Rucker, June 11, 2021 NOQreport.com. BlackRock is the largest asset management firm on the planet with over $9 trillion in assets. That’s higher than the GDP of every nation in the world other than the United States and China. “Blackrock is buying every single family house they can find, paying 20-50% above asking price and outbidding normal home buyers. Homes are popping up on MLS and going under contract within a few hours. Blackrock, among others, are buying up thousands of new homes and running entire neighborhoods of “Single Family Rentals". Now, your potential lower to middle class home owner is positioned to be a permanent renter. This matters because for the lower and middle class owning a home is the most major part of any financial success, and future upward mobility. “Home equity is the main financial element that middle class families use to build wealth, and BlackRock, a Federal Reserve funded financial institution, is buying up all the houses to make sure that young families can't build wealth.” “People will say, “They can’t just piss away money on buying tens of thousands of houses that are all at a loss.” WRONG. YOU AND I CAN’T DO THAT. They are fronting the federal reserve, and are financed by an endless stream of freshly created fiat money. Their banks are controlled by and in bed with the same cabal buying everything up, that stole the 2020 election and hid Covid Truth. Washington DC won't intervene; they LOVE BlackRock to the point that much of the Biden administration is made up of former BlackRock executives. BlackRock is a huge proponent of leftist causes like climate change hysteria and social justice. “This is wealth redistribution, and it ain’t rich people’s wealth that’s getting redistributed. It’s normal American middle class, salt of the earth wealth heading into the hands of the world’s most powerful entities and individuals. “The Great Reset is real. It is happening. This will be the greatest transfer of wealth, and greatest consolidation of power in the history of mankind.”

Blackrock Portfolio Manager Exposes Pfizer Fraud. Mercola, Feb 2022.

The List of Every Known FEMA Camp in America (2014) – newspunch.com/list-of-every-known-fema-camp-and-their-locations-find-yours. May become future "Green" or covid-camps.

US Gov Aerosolized Coronavirus For Biowarfare (more about GO)

GMO Seed Giant MONSANTO, contributed $100s of $1000s to political candidates (worldviewupdate.com)

Can-a-Baby - Family Fetus Food (10:44) 2012 - Alexander Backman, Anthony J Hilder
Senomyx: How you are putting aborted babies in your body, October 2021
Human receptors for sweet and umami taste (.pdf, 5 pgs) April 2002
Project Veritas: Pfizer lied: Aborted babies are in your vax, October 2021
Products That Use Aborted Fetuses. Human Life International. Do some products contain parts of aborted babies? The short answer is: “Yes.” Products using fetal tissue can be broken down into three categories: artificial flavors, cosmetics, and medicines/vaccines. You may unknowingly be cooperating in aborted fetal cell research by purchasing products that use aborted babies either in the product itself or in its development. Because of the complexities of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) labeling, you would probably not know which products use aborted fetal parts. Currently, food and beverages do not contain any aborted fetal material but may be tastier because of the nature of the research done in their development. And, there is fetal cellular DNA debris in vaccines and medications. August 2021.

With “Disinformation” Censorship Is Born The Internet broke the information monopoly of the 20th century, a very dangerous thing for those who crave and fixate upon power. After a few partial and failed efforts, social media (inherently addictive to humans) emerged as the answer: get everyone into just a few large pens, then control the information flow in those pens. That’s where we are right now.


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