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Trumps Man in Michigan: John Gibbs surges in key GOP Congressional race



        How do we know which elected officials are defending liberty, and which aren't? It's easy for a politician to make a fiery speech at a rally, or to post catchy content on social media. These things have a purpose, but they don't tell us if someone is truly standing on principle. We need to do a deep dive into legislators' voting records. We need to examine the policies they are voting on, the bills they sponsor, and how they spend their time as a legislator. This will tell us if they truly are a principled defender of liberty.
        To accomplish this, the Republican Liberty Caucus has state chapters across the country lobbying for liberty and keeping legislators accountable with legislative scorecards. These scorecards evaluate legislators' voting records according to the principles of individual liberty, limited government and free markets. Here in Arizona, the Republican Liberty Caucus identified two Champions of Liberty who scored perfectly on this year's scorecard: Sen. Warren Petersen and Rep. Shawnna Bolick. We need more legislators like these who understand the purpose of government: to protect individual rights and to leave us alone.
        If government exists to promote the greater good of society, we will have fewer individual rights and less prosperity. It is not the role of government to create more laws and more programs for the benefit of society. Yet society would greatly benefit from a limited government that preserves individual rights and free markets. RLC.org.

Roger Stone: His Run for Congress

Who Was Rich Higgins? American Hero Who Exposed The Deep State Cabal (11:04) March 24, 2022, Stew Peters Network. According to this video, reading his manuscript will explain the entire situation of our political landscape for the past 5 years.

Thomas Renz Sues U.S. Government: There Is No Transparency, Informed Consent, Or Accountability

Congressman Troy Nehls: "The Deep State Is Alive and Well in Washington DC"

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson Pledges To Hold Fauci Accountable For Damage Caused By His Policies
McCullough: Senator Ron Johnson Understands Pandemic Response Better Than Anybody In Washington
U.S. Senator Ron Johnson Holds Expert Panel On COVID Vaccine Injuries, Federal Vaccine Mandate

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson: Pandemic Politics & America’s Covid Cartel (The Highwire)


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ALASKA Sarah Palin to Run for Congress in Alaska, April 2, 2022. (John Ransom, Headline USA) Sarah Palin, the once iconic face of conservatives in the GOP, has announced she will be running for Congress to replace the late Representative Don Young (R). "America is at a tipping point," said Palin.

ARIZONA Ben Beckhart is the Secretary for the Republican Liberty Caucus, and the Secretary/ Treasurer for the Arizona chapter of the RLC. The Republican Liberty Caucus is a 527 voluntary grassroots membership organization dedicated to working within the Republican Party to advance the principles of individual rights, limited government and free markets. See how Arizona's legislators scored on the 2021 Liberty Index here (https://www.scribd.com/document/517206063/Liberty-Index-2021)
AZ State Senator - Sonny Borrelli
AZ State Senator - Kelly Townsend— Rumble — The Pete Santilli Show EP 2573 special guest interview, Elections Integrity Advocate.
AZ Gubernatorial Candidate - Kari Lake
AZ State Senator - Wendy Rogers is traveling the country to fight for audits; “Every county that had machines needs to be audited”
AZ Arizona Rep Mark Finchem (13:50) Pete Santilli Show - Just The Interviews published August 21, 2021.
AZ US Senate - Jim Lamon, running; 1st Republican to enter Arizona's 2022 Senate race. Jim Lamon AZ, for US Senate, big supporter of election audit - secure the border - get feds out of our face - running as "businessman," former military, linebacker for Alabama state; will donate his entire salary when serving if elected, like Trump did - jimlamon.com.
AZ State Treasurer - David Livingston, the only Pro-Trump Conservative running
Arizona Senate candidate John Goya joins “ After Dark” to discuss the recent vaccine mandates sweeping America. Goya, who has vast experience in the health care industry, believes it should be a choice. John C. Goya describes himself as a Cuban refugee, now an American citizen. His family was kicked out of Cuba because of socialism. He has run for political office previously and held positions within the local Republican Party in California. He now has his eyes set on running for the Arizona senate in 2024, where he currently resides.
Arizona candidate Blake Masters for US Senate
AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Speaks At Arizona State University (ASU) Mask Protest: “When I’m Governor I Will Pardon Every Patriot Who Stood Up Against This Tyranny” – Tells ASU President To SHOVE IT - August 14, 2021
Kari Lake: We're Done With Shots In Our Arms, Swabs Up Our Noses, And Filthy Masks On Our Faces
AZ Attorney General (AG) - Mark Brnovich: Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has notified Maricopa County that his office has opened an investigation into their withholding materials [about the Nov 2020 election] subpoenaed by the State Senate. They now have 30 days to notify the AG that they have complied or the county could lose every penny of shared monies, causing severe hardship on the county; and the voters will likely take out their displeasure on the supervisors who have failed to comply with the law. At this time we know there were a lot of shall-we-say curious goings-on in Maricopa County, which is incompetence at best and criminal at worst. The main reason we questionhttps://rumble.com/v19od0n-kari-lake-were-done-with-shots-in-our-arms-swabs-up-our-noses-and-filthy-ma.html the results is that they turned in more votes than they received along with the fact that many ballots were on paper not used for printing ballots.
The action taken by the AG is was at the request of State Senator Sonny Borrelli. Only one member of the legislature is needed to call for an investigation.

CO Danielle Neuschwanger, candidate for governor of Colorado; Election Fraud; Re-Founding Fathers; Patriot Titan

FL Speaking in Palm Beach County this morning, Ron DeSantis said: "A recession is when your neighbor loses his job, a depression is when you lose yours. A recovery is when Fauci loses his."
FL Jeremy Liggett, Florida, for Congress
FL Florida: The Press Secretary for Florida Gov. Ron Desantis, one of the leading figures in the Republican Party, was suspended from her Twitter account August 2021.

GA Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a duly elected Congresswoman, was suspended by Twitter August 2021.
GA Kandiss Taylor, candidate for Georgia; Election Fraud; Re-Founding Fathers; Patriot Titan

IA Current Republican Governor Kim Reynolds: milder lockdowns than normal, parent't rights in ridiculous public education trends, apprentice programs for students in lieu of student loan 4yrs, financial reversed to now in the black, lowering taxes, repeal of the death tax, common sense and conservative principles etc.

ID Idaho: votebundy.com on Pete Santilli

ID: Bundy for governor: How Can We Win Elections In A Fake System: Rigged Elections, Censorship, Silenced Opposition People's Rights · Claim, Use, Defend (peoplesrights.org) · Uniting Neighbors to Defend Their Families, Faith, Freedom and Future. ("Militia" is not a bad word). Who would you call right now if you needed help protecting your rights? Creation spearheaded by Ammon Bundy, running for governor in Idaho · Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN)

KY Kentucky: Rand Paul's YouTube account was suspended for telling the truth about masks. Ron Paul's son, and enemy of Fauci.

KY Kentucky: U.S. Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) continues to be a leader in the cause of rationality when it comes to virus-related issues (and everything else, for that matter). He is urging Americans to resist the Biden mandates. He said so just yesterday, on episode #1969 of the Tom Woods Show, for which I released a video version as well (uncommon for my normally audio-only podcast). Here's the audio-only version, on my website. And here's the video. Congressman Massie was passing through a remote part of Georgia at the time, so excuse the occasional glitch here and there. The message is too important.

MI Michigan State Rep Candidate Melissa Carone Joins Pete to Discuss Election Integrity, Audits & More.

NV Michelle Fiore Joins Pete to Discuss Her Run for Gov of Nevada, Bundy Ranch, and More on Pete Santilli Show - Just The Interviews, December 17, 2021.
NV Adam Laxalt, who has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump is the Republican frontrunner in Nevada's U.S. Senate race running for state and federal office next year. According to the Associated Press, “Laxalt remains committed to the false narrative that the 2020 election was stolen or tainted by fraud.” (09-07-21)

OH Joe Blystone, Candidate for Ohio Governor, Talks About What He Will Do
OH James Richard Majewski JR. Talks About What He Will Do if Elected into Congress for Ohio
OH Rep. Jim Jorndan, R-Ohio (00:55) Expresses Support for H.R. 4330 "PRESS ACT" after DOJ Action "Targeting" Project Veritas. Rep. Jim Jordan, a ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, spoke in support of Project Veritas’ rights as journalists to investigate government corruption without fear of retaliation or persecution. Rep. Jordan said he supported Rep. Jerry Nadler’s HR 4330 bill, which codifies what constitutes a journalist. The provisions that Rep. Jordan cites were authored and introduced by Rep. Andy Biggs, and those provisions clearly define the scope of what it means to be a journalist.

OK Oklahoma: Senatorial Candidate Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer Talks To Pete Santilli - October 26, 2021
OK Oklahoma: Sherwood2022.com

PA Robert Jeffries, an “America First” U.S. Senate Candidate, Pennsylvania, Talks About What He Will Fight For

TX Jason Nelson: www.Storm4Congress.com Jason Nelson, call sign “Storm Chaser”, is a recently retired U.S. Army Soldier, and former United States Marine. His highly decorated service includes combat deployments, and humanitarian missions, where he served as a Civil Affairs SNCOIC in operations and planning. He is 100% permanently disabled from combat service.
TX It's Time for RINO Pete Sessions to Get Primaried Out by Jason 'Storm' Nelson U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions in Texas is a RINO. Thankfully, he has some competition in his district from an America First patriot, Jason "Storm" Nelson. I was joined by the veteran on the latest episode of The Midnight Sentinel. It was an excellent interview and I am endorsing Nelson in the race as a result.
TX Allen West (9:54) is running for Texas governor. God, not the government, is what gives us our individual rights and freedoms. Borders with terrible problems... gender surgery is currently being allowed for children in TX. Rule of law, not rule of mob. Christians are only bound by honorable, righteous law. Churches that fly BLM? What does Marxism have to do with Christianity?? You only take flack when you are over the target.
TX Texas serving Senator Bob Hall Why Are Hospitals Receiving Big-Time Bonuses for COVID-19 Positive Cases?

VA Virginia: Jason Miyares: Bringing Law and Order Back to Virginia
VA Virginia: Bishop Leon Benjamin Interview on the Pete Santilli Show Episode 2607. Running for Congress in Virginia, he has also started the Remnant Church in Tulsa Oklahoma (newlifeharvestchurch.org). He has worked with Wendy Rogers on Maricopa Co. Elections of 2020. Knows Covid 19 is a plandemic. Lists Trumps accomplishments. An amazing man that rises far above any introduction. Served in Gulf War. Served as Father, Pastor, Mentor and Leader in Trump's White House as a presidential advisor and coalition builder-uniting many leaders and mentoring others- to implement economic recovery and community development projects that improve lives while simultaneously strengthening the Commonwealth. Built on the solid foundation of pragmatic, conservative values, (i.e., healthy families, smaller government, fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, supportive communities and strong, fair and competitive businesses), the core message of this campaign will necessarily focus on the consistent, positive aspects of Leon Benjamin's strengths, emphasizing his authentic personality & character. Trump went on a faith call last week with 600 faith leaders: Trump recognizes this has to be done by faith; this can't be about any man; this is not about him; this is a grassroots movement rising out of the political realm, into the Holy Ghost realm. If Trump had kept office after 2020 elections, restoration would not be happening. This new movement is beginning to permeate all pillars of society now: the government, education, family, medicine, sports & entertainment, arts & languages, economy, and the media. A refreshing is coming. We are entering Biblical times. Apocolypse stands for unveiling. The power of Jesus is coming to the forefront. The lamb is for redemption. The lion is for restoration. That is Christ in us. benjamin4congress.com

WI Tim Ramthun Joins Pete Santilli to Talk About His Run for Gov of WI, 2020 Election, and More.
WI Rep Timothy Rampthun for WI Talks About His Plan to Fight Against Election Fraud and More.

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Political Influencers that Defend Liberty

**************** ELECTION FRAUD * ARIZONA AUDIT ****************

'He's back': Time has illustrated the MSM and establishment bias against Trump, but despite that he'll still win election. Mitchell Feierstein is the CEO of Glacier Environmental Fund and author of ‘Planet Ponzi: How the World Got into This Mess, What Happens Next, and How to Protect Yourself.' He spends his time between London and Manhattan. Great synopsis of Hillary, Biden, Trump.

Dr. David Clements Interview (1:19:50) Pete Santilli Show - Just The Interviews, published August 30, 2021. "The Maricopa Report will be far worse than anyone can imagine." Mandate: "I will not wear a mask. Why? Because I have not lost my mind." The Pete Santilli Show Episode 2589: August 30, 2021. Dr. David Clements is a law professor and long time prosecutor that oversaw 6 law enforcement agencies, and tried over 160 jury trials, many high profile cases, including first degree murder. He came to national prominence after appearing on Tucker Carlson after standing up to his university's targeting of conservatives. He's in NM, worked with DEA, border task force, saw PRISM used by Special Operations against their work; was sued for publicly exposing the corruption. So much of the deep state is compromised (corrupted). He is a contributor to Bannon's War Room on election integrity issues. Remedies are not often won in court, the judiciary system handles lawsuits (Lin Wood for Georgia, Sidney Powell for Michigan, Rudy Giuliani former attorney for Trump) about voter fraud with pre-determined results. So, ultimately, it is the court of public opinion that matters most. His website: theprofessorsrecord.com.

Voter Fraud: 14 Petitioners, using attorneys Lin Wood Atlanta GA and Sidney Powell, Dallas, Texas are suing in Supreme Court: DOUG DUCEY, in his official capacity as Governor of the State of Arizona, and Katie Hobbs, in her capacity as Secretary of State of the State of Arizona, V. Respondents. Similar suits for Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin. Also, Government's concocted case against former National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn (USA, Retired) represented by Sidney Powell.

Stew Peters interviews Liz Harris and Seth Keshel who release canvass findings and real numbers for the first time since the Arizona audit efforts began. Harris told Stew, "This is the day America has been waiting for" as she presented numbers that would destroy the margin Biden claimed in the 2020 election, supposedly defeating President Trump in Arizona. Keshel discussed the trends and gave insight about the pathway forward, who can help, and who can hurt the efforts to find the truth about the deep state steal!

Cyber Symposium, addressing the 2020 election fraud was held in South Dakota in August, and attended by concerned people in government from every state. The Cyber Symposium was sponsored and put on by Mike Lindell, (or Mr. My pillow) whose website frankspeech.com, provides an independent media platform. Meetings of many great minds occurred at this event, and its effects are spreading.

Pete Santilli Show Dr. Frank (11:51). Cyber Symposium, SD put together by Mike Lindell (Mr. Pillow)--a good overview of the election fraud issue. Published August 21, 2021.

Heavy Hitters either AT or working WITH those at Symposium against Election Fraud:

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