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New Life 2023 Printout 1, stretch exercises, diet info, parasite schedule

Life Regimen Printout 2, daily time schedule of exercise, supplements, sunshine, etc.

As You Can:

• oral health; remove / replace mercury dental amalgams; root canals


• learn about chlorine dioxide:
you are the __ of your life
  • read through a couple of the books

  • watch the 2 documentaries about chlorine dioxide:

  • join one of the MMS telegram groups:

• begin sodium chlorite in drinking water; start out with 1 drop / hour


• begin sodium chlorite in drinking water @ 2 drops / hour

• check yeast / Mold / Fungus Protocol (I might need this)

• read up on healthy gut microbiome

• add Parasite Cleanse:
          print: parasites.htm Dr Lee Merritt MD.
          join: ivermectin: telegram group
          use: Full moon calendar 2023 and Farmers Almanac

• read up on detox & binders (zeolite etc.)


Cleanse Detox pathways; <<-- this is a for-profit website; many product links are for selling, so be aware, and prepare to DIY.

• Do a liver flush
          the Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush 4 page instructions from Andreas Mortiz’ book
          the Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush 212 pg book by Andreas Mortiz
          the Easy Liver Flush (alternate)
          the 7-day Liver-Gallbladder Flush (website version)

• advance to MMS Protocol 1000 3-drop dose


• Stay on MMS Protocol 1000 3-drop dose.
• Work on life regimen daily schedule.

STRETCHING EXERCISES: stretch exercises needed by people with insufficient levels of activity; stuck at desk all day, that sit for long periods.

Loosen Tight Hip Muscles… posture, hip, foot, ankle, knees, back pain; major component in overall flexibility vs. aging (by Suzanne Bowen, creator of BarreAmped)
    print: how-to-loosen-tight-hip-muscles.pdf

    watch: hip muscle atrophy ( - very hard muscle to get back once lost, when old; (why old people die of fall w/ broken hip)

Maintaining Flexibility (Theresa Larson, physical therapist and movement health expert) for aging, lifespan, upper back pain, tight chest, lower back, develops & maintains flexibility in neck, back, hips, calves, ankles
    print: flexibility-test.pdf
    print: 10-second-balance-test.pdf

DIET. the 2 MOST MAJOR important diet-overhaul changes…

    print: health-overview-linoleic-acid-THE-ARTICLE-mercola.pdf and
    watch: Dr. Mercola interviews Tucker Goodrich (02:04:53)
    takeaway: Omega-6=BAD-BAD-shit, mostly from seed oils, used in all processed foods, restaurant & fast food, take-out food, condiments ~ causing extreme health havoc; obesity, PCOS, infertility, inflammation, autoimmunities, impaired disease & illness fighting, premature aging, higher death rate in America, etc.

    print: oxalates-can-wreck-your-health-mercola.pdf and Toxic Superfoods.pdf
    watch: Dr. Mercola interviews Sally K. Norton (01:22:07)
    overview: Oxalic acid is a toxin, is very common in a normal diet, is hard to avoid, and it builds up in our body. The kidneys can only filter out about 25 mg oxalates/ day. Nothing cleans it out, except time. It must be radically reduced in our diet. In fact, i f you're past the age of 10 and grew up on a standard diet , you've got some degree of deposits in your bone marrow, your joints and glands … and the bigge st issue is long-term toxicity, because we all grow up on high-oxalate foods.
    symptoms: “The main symptom pattern is that no one can figure out what's wrong with you and you seem OK according to tests,” Norton says. “That's a classic oxalate situation.” It can cause itchy rashes, neurological issues (crappy mood, clumsiness, tremors, poor sleep), joint pain, calcium deposits, bumps in skin, dental plaque, kidney stones, fibromyalgia, ropey veins when blood drawn, inflammation, marked increased sensitivity to EMF toxicity, general ill health & chronic disease.
    sources: High levels are found in ascorbic acid (keep amount vit. C intake below 250 mg a day unless using for therapy); also high levels of oxylates are in spinach, swiss chard, beet greens, almonds, dark chocolate. Peanut butter is high, wheat bran is high, rice bran is high, potatoes are high, oat bran is variable.
    antidotes: Citrates are best potential antidote: Take citrates every day: magnesium citrate, calcium citrate and potassium citrate with meals to impair absorption of oxalates in the food. “You definitely need to take calcium citrate and magnesium citrate with high oxalate meals,” Norton says. “But the citrates in the minerals are especially important for this long tail of getting over the chronic illness of having an oxalate overload in your body. So, the biggest biohack is calcium [citrate] because calcium promotes the clearing of oxalate.
    The book: Superfoods by Sally K. Norton-1.pdf, 490 pg s.

DIY Home Health Practices

  TRE Time-Restricted Eating for Metabolic Flexibility (


  watch: DR Lee Merritt & Karen Kingston: Its All Parasites: CANCER / VACCINES / REMEDIES (35:44) Parasites are natural (but there are some synthetic). Why and how you have to cycle your anti-parasitic treatment program. When you kill off adult worms, their dieoff triggers hatching of encysted eggs. Understanding that, here's how to dose yourself according to your body's response…

Dr Merritt's Parasite Treatment Cycle Principle:

  1. Start with a short cycle of parasite treatment of 3 days on, 5 days off. (If you go too long off the drug, you may have a large hatch out and then the next cycle of medicine will cause a Herxheimer reaction.)
  2. Gradually lengthen your cycle of treatment, watching for reaction.
  3. days on, 7 days off
  4. days on, 10 days off, etc. Watch for Herx / flu symptoms.
  5. days on, 21 days off
  6. days on, work up to a month w/ no symptoms
  7. For an adult, use a minimum of 2 months for your first short cycle.
  8. When you can go to monthly cycles, you are on maintenance which, because of prevalence of parasites, you will stay on. Dr. Merritt has been cycling for 6 months on this, and is only up to 21 day cycles (she says she is riddled w/ parasites).


    print: liver-cleanse-Andreas-Mortiz.pdf
    The Amazing Liver Cleanse 212 page book by Andreas Moritz.pdf
( Amazing Liver Cleanse By Andreas Moritz.pdf)


    visit occasionally: (links: watch documentary films, read books)