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DIY homeopathic health
» Life-Threatening Disease

measurements used in making & using chlorine dioxide handy MMS downloads cliffs notes of chlorine dioxide protocols

The primary protocol treatment for cancer and other life-threatening diseases is: MMS (lightly covered in this first segment). The rest of this page covers parasites & miscellaneous other secondary treatments & topics.

● video: Chlorine Dioxide: When something is censored or lied about--you need it. Lee Merritt MD interviews Mark Grenon. Published June 9, 2022. Very important, a former M.D. now promotes MMS & wholistic medicine for damn good reason; it is what works.

8 pages of cancer and colon cancer testimonials on Jim Humble's website

More cancer and colon cancer video testimonials on Jim Humble's website

MMS Health Recovery by Jim Humble

Basic CDS protocols list of diseases & CDS protocols for each

Molecular Medicines; Not Cures, Solutions. Edition 3.1. (Paula: I actually keep an edited, more user friendly version of this spreadsheet in my records, that I will bring with me.)

Molecular Medicine by Brian Stone, pg 61... MMS1, DMSO, MMS2, Protocols:
Protocol 1000 Diseases...........................................67
Protocol 2000 Diseases...........................................80
Protocol 3000 Diseases...........................................84

Research data showing that Clo2 (MMS) is very effective and safe against tumors in both humans and animals. Video Explanation of Article; and the Actual Article of Information and Testimonials: Treating Tumors with Chlorine Dioxide (Animals and Humans)- Molecular Medicines Newsletter called "The Testimonial" Edition 2022.11. Also see many testimonials from people who have healed while taking Chlorine Dioxide and Calcium Hypochlorite: TestimonialS 2022.3 Cancer.

Forbidden Health (CDS) by Andreas Kalcker (life-threatening disease pgs):
Bladder Cancer .................................................203
Bone Cancer ....................................................205
Breast Cancer ..................................................206
Colorectal Cancer (Colon Cancer) ...............................219
Esophageal Cancer...............................................249
HIV/ AIDS ......................................................271
Kidney Cancer...................................................278
Liver Cancer ...................................................281
Lung Cancer ....................................................283
Lyme Disease ...................................................286
Ovarian Cancer .................................................302
Pancreatic Cancer ..............................................305
Papillomavirus .................................................306
Prostate Cancer.................................................309
Renal Failure...................................................315
Sarcoidosis ....................................................320
Stomach Cancer or Gastric Cancer................................329
Thyroid Cancer .................................................331
Tongue Cancer ..................................................332
Uterine Cancer .................................................340

Cancer & Chemo

Karen Beck: Does chemo effect how well MMS1 works?

Curious Outlier: "As long as it's taken two hours apart it should not be a problem."

Curious Outlier: "Chlorine Dioxide acts with a specific mechanism of oxidization and possibly redox cell signaling which switch's off anaerobic metabolism and/or triggers apoptosis. If it was me and I had any type of cancer I would just make sure and separate doses of any chemotherapy by 24 hours so that the chemotherapy can do it's cancer-busting job. I would also do everything possible to protect normal cells. I would utilize substances like taurine and curcumin to protect normal cells."

● TESTIMONIAL: CDS Healing Cancer | From cancer stage 5 to LIFE! (27:33) June 6th, 2022 interview of patient in Spain with Andreas Kalcker on Odysee. While the use of chlorine dioxide for health is not legal, the fact that we can’t use it for health is a crime. We live in a world of 'forbidden health.'

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******* CANCER & PARASITES *******

● Anti-parasitic drugs: (telegram testimonial) ivermectin and other anti-parasitic drugs like fenbendazole and niclosamide are not only safe but extremely effective. I do know for a fact Panacur C dog dewormer for small dogs cure breast cancer. But you cannot take the chemo with it. You can take Panacur C for small dogs every day for 6 weeks in yogurt or just pour it in the mouth and swallow. Then go have a scan done on the breast.

Fenbendazole Telegram channel:

Get Busy Living. ( My name is Joe Tippens. I was born in the late 50's, to incredible parents who created an idyllic atmosphere in a small Oklahoma town. Steeped in Agriculture and Education, we were taught self-sufficiency, work ethic and living and loving with integrity. My life changed forever when cancer took over my body. I had late stage small cell lung cancer that had metastasized through out my entire body and was told I only had a few months to live. From there, I found an unlikely pathway to “get busy living” instead of “get busy dying.” The purpose of this blog is to tell the story of how, so far, I've managed to kick a deadly cancer's butt.

DR Lee Merritt & Karen Kingston– Its All Parasites: CANCER / VACCINES / REMEDIES (35:44) November 4, 2022. Parasites are both natural and synthetic. Why and how you have to cycle your anti-parasitic treatment program. When you kill off adult worms, their dieoff triggers hatching of encysted eggs. Understanding that, here's how to dose yourself according to your body's response. Dr Merritt's Cycle Principle:

  1. Start with a short cycle of parasite treatment of 3 days on, 5 days off. (If you go too long off the drug, you may have a large hatch out and then the next cycle of medicine will cause a Herxheimer reaction.)

  2. Gradually lengthen your cycle of treatment, watching for reaction.

    • 3 days on, 7 days off

    • 3 days on, 10 days off, etc. Watch for Herx / flu symptoms.

    • 3 days on, 21 days off, and finally up to a month w/ no symptoms.

  3. For an adult, use a minimum of 2 months for your first short cycle.

  4. When you can go to monthly cycles, you are on maintenance which, because of prevalence of parasites, you will stay on. Dr. Merritt has been cycling for 6 months on this, and is only up to 21 day cycles. She says she is riddled w/ parasites.

Parasites-Dr.LeeMerritt-524.pdf: Fenbendazole (Panacur C): can be obtained from farm stores. It has been used at 1 gram for each 10 lb of body weight for parasites, three days in a row, repeat every 2 weeks for 2-3 months. Studies have shown doses up to 2000 mg showed no adverse effects. 1 gram of the paste is 100 mg of Fenbendazole. But the “cancer” treatment being used by many people (that is probably treating parasites) is 222 mg/ day x 3 days then stop for 4-5 days and repeat. For me, I have erred on the down side and split the difference. Tablets are 1.5 gram, which makes it easy to take 750 mg or 375 mg. When I use the horse paste, it is easy dose for 150 pounds which gives you about 357 mg. ~Dr. Lee Merritt


Video Proof: Cancer is Caused by Parasites. Cure: MMS and ivermectin

How Ivermectin Is Useful for Treating Cancer - Brightwork Research & Analysis. Updated June 5, 2022 by Shaun Snapp. Ivermectin is proven for treating parasites, and for covid, but now is also a potential treatment for cancer.

The Cancers for which Ivermectin has been Demonstrated to be Effective

Parasites and Cancer – the Connection ©2011, 2013 by Raphael d'Angelo, M.D., Parawellness Research

● Video Proof that Cancer Is Caused by Parasites (BitChute)

● For holdout tough worm parasites - Try Jennifer Daniels turpentine protocol she uses white sugar to bring it out of hiding. Then wham! You blow it up with turpentine...

● Turpentine The_Candida_Cleaner_by_Dr_Jennifer_Daniels.pdf Version 2.0
● Turpentine Basic_Turpentine_Protocol.pdf
● Turpentine Turpentine_Protocols.pdf

● A Zapper is a frequency machine. It kills parasites and viruses without harming you. You hold a couple copper tubes with wet paper towels for 7 min. Break for 20 minutes. The parasites not in your organs are dead. They release toxins when they die. Second 7 min kills that. Then 20 min break and final 7 min cleans up everything. I do it every night until I don’t get results. I am still getting results. Read about it on Dr Hulda Clark website. Others make a zapper too. She invented it. Build your own Dr. Clark style Zapper plans:

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fine print...

Wanna know what all these drugs have in common?
They’re all anti-parasitic
And They’re all anti-cancer
Weird coincidence, eh?

Moxidectin induces Cytostatic Autophagic Cell Death of Glioma Cells through inhibiting the AKT/mTOR Signalling Pathway

Moxidectin induces Cytostatic Autophagic Cell Death of Glioma Cells; inhibiting the AKT/mTOR Signalling Pathway

The anthelmintic agent oxfendazole inhibits cell growth in non‑small cell lung cancer by suppressing c‑Src activation

Ivermectin Antiparasitic Anticancer Wonder Drug

The multitargeted drug ivermectin: from an antiparasitic agent to a repositioned cancer drug

Unexpected antitumorigenic effect of fenbendazole

A Drug For Animals Now Taken By Humans For Cancer: Fenbendazole

The Antitumor Potentials of Benzimidazole Anthelmintics as Repurposing Drugs

Albendazole and Mebendazole as Anti-Parasitic and Anti-Cancer Agents

Mebendazole as a Candidate for Drug Repurposing in Oncology

Niclosamide Exhibits Potent Anticancer Activity

Molecular mechanisms of niclosamide antitumor activity

Niclosamide: Beyond an antihelminthic drug

Oxibendazole inhibits prostate cancer cell growth

Repurposing Drugs in Oncology (ReDO)-chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine as anti-cancer agents

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Paulas Protocol

● We are using this as a regimen prep format, but we substitute some things:

As You Can:
• oral health; remove / replace mercury dental amalgams; root canals

• read books, latest Humble & Grenon MMS & AK's Forbidden Health
• read books listed below (scroll down)
• watch the 2 documentaries about chlorine dioxide
• begin w/ 2 x MMS Enema Protocol by Jim Humble
• check yeast / mold protocol (I say this, because I think I need it)
• if you don't need to treat yeast first, then begin MMS starting protocol
  (1 drop / day or 8 1/8 drops/ hr)
• each night: take high dose vitamin C, and other vitamins / supplements
  you can make a fruit smoothie each night and load it up

• add Parasite Cleanse: ivermectin & fenbendazole (Full moon calendar 2023)
• add Kidney Cleanse (see Chanca Piedra on DIY Health Supplements page)
• begin MMS starting protocol (1/4 drop, 1/2 drop)

• Begin taking L-Ornithine binder (see more on health supplements pg.)
• Do the 7-day Liver-Gallbladder Flush or the Easy Liver Flush.
• advance to MMS starting protocol 1 drop

• Start Protocol MMS 2-drops

PHASE 5, or from about the 6th WEEK forward:
Continued Jim Humble Treatments:
● Protocol 1000 (MMS 3-drops). This is tough. This is strong. It stinks and tastes terrible. And you are to drink down your 1-drop dose within 1 minute of mixing. “Protocol 1000 is taking a maximum of 3 drops of activated MMS (MMS1) in 4 ounces/ 120 ml of water (Simply Cranberry and Simply Apple juice are acceptable, as explained on pages 42-45) once each hour, for eight consecutive hours, every day, for three weeks or until well. One does not start out at 3 drops an hour. You build up to 3 drops slowly as stated in this book and following the Three Golden Rules. Remember, if your body does not tolerate an increase of drops, stick with what works best for you. Your health may be recovered taking less than 3 drops in each dose. Some people have recovered their health taking 1 or 2 (or even less) drops per hour.”

If it made the difference between staying on this protocol and giving it up, I would put plain Part A (sodium chlorite) doseage drops in my water, and drink the exact same doses that way, without activating it before I drank it, with the Part B. Your own hydrochloric stomach acid will activate most of it. You have to be realistic. If you can take it activated, do that. If activating it causes you to take it less reliably, stop activating it. But keep taking this therapy. It will maybe work faster if activated, but it will work either way. If you don't stop taking it, it will work. ~DG

● Protocol 2000
● MMS: Protocol-2000-for-Cancer.pdf (see more on MMS & MMS2 page)
Increase the number of drops you take each hour to as many drops as you can handle (up to the maximum amount of drops for your weight—see page 92) without getting sick due to the MMS. In most cases the increase in drops is needed for cancer and other life-threatening diseases.
• Increase the number of hours you take your dose each day from 8 to 10 hrs.
• At the beginning of the third or fourth day of Protocol 2000, you should begin taking MMS2 in addition to MMS1.

Andreas Kalcker Cancer Treatment Protocols: Appropriate treatments for cancer are Protocol C, or Protocol B as an alternative, and increasing the dose to 3 ml CDS diluted in 100 ml for 3–6 months. Apply Protocol E (enema) at night, alternating the next day with Protocol L (bath). As with any cancer protocol, you can add to the treatment 5 grams of Artemisia annua a day, in infusions, and the ingestion of 15 grams of fresh Kalanchoe daigremontiana. Make sure to follow an adequate anti-cancer diet, low in sugars and other substances that acidify the body. Adapt the protocol to each case.

Read through the rest of this page of resources, and pick out additional ideas or protocols we possibly should add to this regimen. Read through the DIY health hacks and health supplements pages. Keep a shopping list and order quality supplies and stick with this.

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colorectal cancer (colon cancer)

Colorectal cancer, also known as colon cancer, is a disease for which conventional medicine has not provided an adequate pharmaceutical solution. It is a type of cancer that starts in the rectum or the colon, the large intestine that forms the final part of the digestive tract. The colon absorbs water and nutrients from food and stores the waste that passes to the rectum before exiting the body. It's thought that many cases of colon cancer develop from a polyp in the colon. These cellular, mushroom-shaped growths tend to be benign but may turn cancerous over time. Colon cancer can be detected with a colonoscopy. Surgery is the usual treatment, often followed by chemotherapy.


      Right-sided colon cancer:

● The main symptoms are abdominal pain, anemia, and occasionally, an abdominal mass noticeable by palpation. Sixty percent of patients have abdominal pain on the right half side of the abdomen. Over 60% also become anemic, caused by the continuous, although minimal, loss of blood from the ulcerous surface of the tumor that doesn't alter the look of the feces. Patients report fatigue, weakness, palpitations, and even angina pectoris. They present a microcytic and hypochromic anemia that denotes an iron deficiency.

     Left-sided colon cancer

● Bowel movements may alleviate pain in the lower abdomen. In some cases, patients can develop anemia and an iron deficiency, like with right-sided colon cancer. It's important to realize that patients lose blood not only with the feces but also through their nose and mouth. These patients will more likely notice a change in stools and expel bright red blood (hematochezia) conditioned by the reduction of light in the colon. The tumor's growth can occlude the intestinal light, provoking intestinal obstruction with pain, abdominal distension, vomiting and intestinal closure.

● Rectal cancer. As feces concentrate after they pass through the transversal and descendent colon, localized tumors at this level tend to impede the way out, causing a colic-type abdominal pain sometimes with an obstruction (obstructive ileus) and even perforation of the bowel. In this location, rectal bleeding, rectal tenesmus and a decrease in the diameter of feces are frequent. However, anemia is rare.

TESTIMONIAL: Hilda Navarrete Yañez—Age: 68 years. I live in San Carlos, VIII Region (Chile). In July 2011, I was diagnosed with right-sided colon cancer. I had surgery but refused chemotherapy and radiotherapy. On September 6th, 2011, I contacted Ms. Angelica Costa Correa in MMS Chile, and she recommended Protocol 2000 plus MMS enemas, combined with MMS2. It wasn't easy. I went through healing crises, but I never gave up. I always had faith that this substance would heal me. Whenever I had a healing crisis, I would reduce the dose and try to increase it again later. After four months on MMS, I did some tests, and I couldn't believe the results. It was a great joy. The tests were very good, but something was still not quite right. That's when I incorporated the MMS2 capsules. I only managed to take two capsules a day with my meals, only a 100-capsule jar. I let some time pass. Blood tests in April 2012 indicated that my carcinogenic-embryonic antigen levels kept dropping. It was in August 2012 when I had the best news: I was within normal levels, which simply means that my cancer was gone. I want to thank MMS--Chile and Angelica, who always took good care of me. I have attached my blood tests. Source: [R]

Treatment: Appropriate treatment for this case would be Kalcker Protocol C, or Protocol B as an alternative, and increasing the dose to 3 ml CDS diluted in 100 ml for 3–6 months. Apply Protocol E (enema) at night, alternating the next day with Protocol L (bath). As with any cancer protocol, you can add to the treatment 5 grams of Artemisia annua a day, in infusions, and the ingestion of 15 grams of fresh Kalanchoe daigremontiana. Make sure to follow an adequate anticancer diet, low in sugars and other substances that acidify the body. Adapt the protocol to each case.

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Short Testimonials I saved here:

Q: One of my family has end stage colon cancer and it’s already spread out to multiple organs. She is only in her 40s. So sad. Do you guys think CDS can still help at this late stage or might be too late now?

Michelle F. Yes, we have a friend of the family in rural Northern Missouri who successfully used fenbendazole years ago to cure their late stage colon cancer.

Kristen. Yes I have a testimony to that stage pancreatic cancer called in hospice started cds protocol and is now cancer free start asap.

Mike4Warned. Dad had his 7 page report, cancer of multiple organs, spreading terminal cancer. My Dad saw 3 doctors. My Mom and Dad told me that they will only follow the Doctor’s instructions. But he was not a good candidate for chemo treatment. With no Doctor’s instructions for any treatment, he used Bio-Oxidative like H2O2, MMS, CDS. My Dad lived another 22 years after having TERMINAL cancer and he died at age 92 without any cancer. Because of Otto Warburg's Nobel Prize "Primary Cause and Prevention of Cancer” I only know of 28 people that have used these Bio-Oxidative therapies. A researcher found 6,000 reports of this group of therapies. The food grade hydrogen peroxide can work good; the new protocol is nebulization which is in very few books, because it is new. CDS is superior because there is more help here on this channel. I like the difficult to find Vitamin C IV clinics with doctors. These clinics can alternate the oxidants at different times from the antioxidants. Yes you should only use CDS. Some say that Hydrogen Peroxide will attack good Bacteria. But this same problem is with many prescription drugs also. So after healing, then people need to use probiotics. You should only use CDS, to not attack good Bacteria.

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Mike's Prostrate Cancer Protocol:

● Mike L: Protocol 2000 is very important: MMS2 is especially essential to, and successful at, eradicating prostate cancer.

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Cancer Chaos… Doctor Blows the Whistle on Chemotherapy. Peter Glidden, BS, ND (Licensed Naturopathic Physician) says:

Allopathic MD Doctor Directed Medical Treatments for Chronic Diseases:
• do not cure anything (except infections, with antibiotics)
• are the leading cause of bankruptcy
• are the leading cause of death

Cancer By the Numbers (American Cancer Society, USA CDC)
• projection of new cancer cases is higher annually than population growth
• 5 year survival rate is the statistic used for "successful treatment" or cure
• absolute cancer survival stats are almost impossible to find (they always use "relative" metrics)

Cancer articles (
MS articles (

The Politics of Cancer ( Laetrile (amygdalin or vitamin B17) is a partly man-made (synthetic) form of the natural substance amygdalin. Amygdalin is a plant substance found in raw nuts, bitter almonds, as well as apricot and cherry seeds. Plants like lima beans, clover and sorghum also contain amygdalin. Some people call laetrile vitamin B17, although it isn't a vitamin. Another article (

Unapproved but Effective Cancer Cures ( A Review of Alternative Cancer Therapies by John P. Thomas.

The Cancer Industry is Too Prosperous to Allow a Cure (Health Impact News)

Should You Get a Biopsy of That Lump? Learning about the whole story before you take action.

Considering Chemo? In 1987 Dr. Lana Levi, of the University of California wrote, “Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy... It does not eliminate breast, colon, or lung cancer. This fact has been know for over a decade... Women with breast cancer are likely to die faster with chemotherapy than without it.” The above statement is in direct contrast to popular belief because of statements like this: "1998 was truly one of the most exciting years for cancer research," said Harmon Eyre, MD, executive vice president for research and medical affairs for the American Cancer Society (ACS). Who is telling the truth?

Breast Cancer: Simple Steps to Help Prevent Metastatic Tumors. It's the ultimate betrayal: A campaign of disinformation designed to pull the wool over your eyes. This industry makes a fortune overdiagnosing cases, then treating them with remedies that increase your risk of getting the actual disease a decade or more down the line. Video Link () Susan Wadia-Ells' author, “Busting Breast Cancer: Five Simple Steps to Keep Breast Cancer Out of Your Body,” includes optimizing your weight, avoiding estrogen progestin drugs and maintaining a high vitamin D3 level.

Hope4Cancer (1:00:57): The Seven Principles - Mercola 2018 Interview With Dr. Antonio Jimenez. Cancer is at epidemic proportions around the around the world. In the U.S., 1660 people were expected to die from cancer every day in 2019; in China, 4 people die of cancer every minute, or about 5760 every day. In this interview, Dr. Antonio Jimenez shares his philosophy on cancer treatment.

● TRE: Time Restricted Eating. Cut back on number of times you eat each day. Eat within 4--8 hours, and 3 hours before bedtime. Studies show how TRE makes stem cells; increases cancer cure rate nearly 70% of the time. Intermitten Fasting 101. Fast Like a Woman, Dr. Mindy Pelz.

The Metabolic Approach to Cancer Treatment. Report that goes alongside video above: If diagnosed with a tumor, consider these tests immediately... Thousands die from it every day, so do this quickly to identify three critical measurements. You'll want to find out exactly how much of a handle you have on the disease and how well you're doing as you go through treatment; Cancer Treatment From a Metabolic Perspective-Mercola Interview with Dr. Nasha Winters (01:10:51) Natural Therapies for Cancer (1:20:43) Nasha Winters.

● Artificial Sweetener info: cancer-and-artificial-sweeteners-mercola.pdf

● vitamin B17: World Without Cancer (©2001, 16th printing: April 2001) by G. Edward Griffin. The Story of Vitamin B17; Laetrile crystal. The origin of the word “unsafe” and its actual meaning is fleshed out in court proceedings. Treatments that have been deemed “unsafe” are actually “unsafe to giant pharma” because they threaten to take business away from pharmaceutical companies should patients find out the treatments' true value. Patients who would like to know more of the details of how the cancer industry has politically dodged so many cures for cancer and succeeded at misleading the public about conventional treatments should definitely read Griffin's book cover-to-cover.

● Alkalinity & Baking Soda: Adding a touch of baking soda to your water makes it alkaline.

● Boric Acid: Boric Acid ovarian cancer treatment.pdf

● vitamin C: cancer-benefits-of-vitamin-c-in-tumor-treatment-mercola.pdf • Can Vitamin C Tackle Tumors? It's clear that vitamin C has medicinal-like effects, but not the vitamin C you find in whole foods. Vitamin C is typically thought of as an antioxidant, which is true orally and at lower doses, but in high doses, it becomes a pro-oxidant, and that's actually what allows it to kill cancer cells and gives it its significant antiviral and antibacterial properties. High-dose vitamin C kills malignant cells and disrupts how a tumor makes its own energy by depleting your body of the intermediates it uses to survive, without harming your healthy cells. video (01:33:33)

● links:
Baking Soda
Dirt Cheap Protocol
High RF
Kelley Metabolic
Bill Henderson
Bob Beck
ICRF Reference Manual

● CBD Oil: cbd-oil-shrinks-tumor-mercola.pdf. Case study shows CBD shrinks tumor • Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola • Fact Checked September 14, 2022. CBD oil, a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid, was instrumental in shrinking lung tumors, a case study shows. Your body has cannabinoid receptors, meaning your body produces them. I'll share strategies to naturally boost these endogenous compounds.

● Colonoscopy: Is a Colonoscopy Worth the Risk? – Dr. Mercola

● Fungus: Cancer is A Fungus--Dr T Simoncini-2005-248pgs.pdf

● Herbs? Top Herb Can Wreak Havoc on Nearly All Tumor Cells: Though different tumors have diverse molecular pathologies and you wouldn't expect one herb would work for almost all of them, you'd be wrong. This one is amazingly versatile. Is it part of your antitumor strategy? How Curcumin Targets Cancer. The bioactive ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, responsible for over 150 potentially therapeutic activities in your body. Curcumin has demonstrated preventive and treatment actions against cancer cells, and may help both reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy agents and intensify the cancer-killing abilities of the drugs. Consumed alone, bioavailability of curcumin is poor; however, there are methods that may improve absorption and help raise your therapeutic levels.

● Mammograms: 50% of Women Had a False-Positive Mammogram After 10 Years by Dr. Joseph Mercola April 12, 2022

● Medicinal Mushrooms: Turkey Tail (Coriolus versicolor): studied for colon cancer in people, proven immune boosting. It has extensive research in Japan, and now is classified as a medicinal treatment for colorectal cancer. Few to no side effects, and works well in conjunction with chemotherapy drugs. Studies are showing a marked decrease in cancer recurrence for people that take Turkey Tail mushroom long term after cancer treatment. Dose of 100mg/ 10 lbs daily.

● Melatonin: What-you-need-to-know-about-melatonin-cancer-Russell-ReiterPhD-Mercola.pdf

● Melatonin: What You Need to Know About Melatonin, Methylene Blue & Cancer; podcast (01:14:08) Dr Russell Reiter (transcript) In this interview, Russel Reiter, Ph.D. — a world-class expert on melatonin — discusses some of the biological activities and health benefits of this important molecule. With some 1,600 papers to his credit, as well as three honorary doctor of medicine1 degrees, he's published more studies on melatonin than anyone else alive. "Prior to my interview with Reiter, I certainly knew that limiting carbs and preventing the Warburg effect was important in cancer treatment, but I hadn't realized that one of the metabolic byproducts of acetyl-CoA was needed to produce melatonin. So, being metabolically flexible not only impairs the Warburg effect, but also supplies melatonin to combat the excessive oxidative stress in cancer. This is why

I would strongly encourage each and every one of you to regularly engage in two activities the rest of your life: (1) expose as much of your skin as you can to an hour of sunshine a day around solar noon. (2) eliminate all seed oils from your diet; as excess seed oils are the primary reason why most people are metabolically inflexible. While the average person's consumption of these oils is around 25% to 30% of total daily calories, it should only be about 1% to 2%." ~ Dr. Mercola

● Mistletoe: mistletoe-mercola.pdf: This semi-parasitic plant grows in the branches of trees all over the world, and has been used in herbal medicine for thousands of years for conditions such as epilepsy, spleen disorders, pain and rheumatic conditions. Mistletoe is the most studied integrative oncology therapy in the world, and it is utilized in upward of 60% to 80% of all cancer patients in Europe. Your immune system and metabolic function are both integral parts of addressing cancer, and mistletoe works on both.

PETS: Panacur for Cancer: Joe Tippens story, cancer spread, no chance to live.. a vet suggested taking fenbendazole.. Joe was given NO chance to live, and was cleared of cancer in 4 weeks. Since this has been published, other reports of people finding success with some types of cancer, and may also be able to help our dogs and cats with cancer. There is research showing how fenbendazole destabilizes part of the cell walls of cancer cells leading to cell death. Doses for deworming pets: 50 mg/kg once daily for 3 days. Liquid is 100 mg/ ml concentration. Regimen for cancer is 50mg/ kg once daily for 3 days on/ 4 days off. I would suggest trying it for a month to see if your pet will respond. Ivermectin for Cancer: Another animal dewormer that was highlighted as a potential treatment for COVID 19. Current studies showing it to be beneficial for an array of cancers. There are no published animal doses for cancer, but it is used extensively in dogs/cats for parasites. Dog dose of 1mg (.1cc) per 10lbs daily for a minimum 30 days and assess response. Melatonin: appears to modify some of the biochemical systems making the immune system more effective against cancer. It also works well in conjunction with chemotherapy/radiation/other treatments. Doses of 1 mg/ 10(101 misprint?) lbs 1 hour before bed. ~Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM.

Off Label Drugs for Cancer; FB group: How to Starve Cancer by Jane McLelland

● Oxygen Therapies: Invincible Oxygen with Chlorine Dioxide by Dr. Sircus. The key cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency. Blast cancer cells with oxygen therapies, CDS, iodine, selenium, magnesium & sulfur (pdf 6 pgs).

● Parkinsons: parkinsons-gut-bacteria-mercola.pdf

● Peptides: Dr. Burnzynski's Cure For Cancer a strain of Peptides is missing in cancer patients. In 1986 he administered Antineoplaston and cured 40 cancer patients; presented to the Texas Medical Board. 1 years later the board tried to revoke his license to practice medicine. This knowledge has been suppressed over 40 years (02:19).

Supplements, Vitamins & Minerals for Cancer Treatment by Jennifer Shipp

● Water: Cancer & The New Biology of Water-Cowan 163pgs.pdf

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**************** cancer in general ~ in conclusion ****************

No-Chemo, No-Radiation Cancer Protocols It's always best for patients to approach the treatment of cancer using a protocol rather than just a stand-alone treatment. The cure for cancer seldom involves just one treatment. A cancer protocol is a set of treatments that take aim at cancer from different directions all at the same time.

● The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest, Episode 1.
"The True History of Chemotherapy and the Pharmaceutical Monopoly" (01:58:49)
● The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest, Episode 2.
"Cancer Facts and Fictions, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin Cancer and Essential Oils" (01:25:30) Ty & Charlene Bollinger are devoted Christians, health freedom advocates, health researchers, documentary film producers, and best-selling authors. Their message is clear: CANCER IS NOT A DEATH SENTENCE.

● Amy Beard MD: So many things to consider as root causes/ mediators of life-threatening disease...
1) Gut health is number one focus. Rule out food sensitivities. Clean up the diet STAT. Stop taking NSAIDs (and many other meds) that cause leaky gut and GI inflammation/ systemic inflammation.
2) Toxicities are next concern. Mercury, lead, arsenic. I once had MS and Lupus. Not anymore. Work with a functional medicine doctor who understands root causes. I work with lots of autoimmune patients.

Thoughts About Treating Life-Threatening Diseases with CD

Chlorine Dioxide (CD) protocols for Cancer, Autism, MS and Lyme... CD, MMS1 and MMS2, are the big guns, but may not be complete. Read the book protocols, for more information on treating these diseases. These are very resistant diseases that need additional protocols to penetrate cell walls, detox heavy metals, cross the blood brain barrier and defeat inner-cellular microbe defenses respectively. We have to learn about MMS1, MMS2, DMSO. But we also need to learn about oral health and gut health. We need to learn about parasites, mold & mildew poisoning, detoxing and binders. About melatonin, sunshine, etc. Stop all toxins from entering the body in foods, medications, cookware, beauty products, fluoride, aluminum etc. Even our clothing can be toxic! Avoid tap water, avoid soy & seed oils. Be open-minded about eventually, reducing prescription drug dependence. Above all, be open-minded, don't get negative or judgey here, or allow others to ridicule any of this. And there is a lot to learn, so take it a step at a time. It doesn't happen overnight, but it will damn sure happen.

For the most part, cancer seems to be related to two different blood parasites that actually invade inside the cells. The CD cannot pass the cell walls normally so the bugs are safe. Unless you use DMSO. BUT this is an advanced protocol so you MUST study and follow it to have a good chance of success. Don't just wing it. (And don't just do it if you don't have Cancer.)

Autism and MS seem to be related to heavy metal poisoning damage, for example mercury and aluminum poisoning, which can destroy the myelin sheath on nerve bundles (=MS). Or in the case of autism symptoms, which are the same as Mad Hatters Disease (=mercury poisoning). A lot of these facts are not coincidence.

So, just CD is not a complete cure. Other protocols are usually needed.

In the case of Lyme, not only are you dealing with multiple blood parasites but the BB has 4 forms spore, spirochete bacteria cist and can hide in a polymer bioslime from medications as well as inside large parasites. So a proper protocol starts with a parasite detox from large to small, then as CD dosage goes up it begins to burn off the bacteria, then the cysts, then the spores, by degrading and destroying the polymer. Then all you have left is to clean out the mycoplasma hiding in the white blood cells with DMSO. Lyme is a hell of a complex bioweapon thanks to Fort Dietrich and Plum Island bio weapon facilities (staffed by evil fools). They let it escape from Plum Island offshore at Lyme Connecticut. And that is why we call it Lyme... A mycoplasma and spirochete inside blood worms inside ticks. Diabolical.

But--99% of pathogen microbes are not smart and CD cleans them up just fine. As does your immune system, if you reduce the load on it with CD. ~ myself & Greg


Hulda Regehr Clark (October 1928 – September 2009) was a Canadian Naturopath, author, and Practitioner of Alternative Medicine. Clark was a government-sponsored research scientist whose private practice led her to the discovery of a remarkable and inexpensive cure for cancer. Dr. Hulda Clark claimed all human disease was related to oral health, toxins and parasitic infection. Clark wrote several books describing her methods and operated clinics in the United States. Following a string of lawsuits and eventual action by the Federal Trade Commission, she relocated to Tijuana, Mexico where she ran the Century Nutrition clinic. MY NOTE: I would use information in Hulda Clark's books where not in conflict with using MMS, and not in conflict with any current findings in Mercola reports.

The Cure For All Diseases © Copyright 1993 by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D., All rights reserved., Permission is hereby granted to make copies of any part of this document for non-commercial purposes provided the original copyright notice with the author's name is included. Dental Clean-up, Diet Clean-up, Body Clean-up and Home Clean-up. 631 pgs.

The Cure for All Cancers © Copyright 1993 by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D., All rights reserved., Permission is hereby granted to make copies of any part of this document for non-commercial purposes provided the original copyright notice with the author's name is included. The Cure For All Cancers includes unpublished letters with testimonies from men and women who followed Dr. Clark's advice and experienced dramatic improvements in their health. Learn how to identify and remove what causes your cancer and your body will do the rest. 691 pgs.

The Cure for HIV and AIDs with 70 case histories, © Copyright 1993 by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D., All rights reserved., Permission is hereby granted to make copies of any part of this document for non-commercial purposes provided the original copyright notice with the author's name is included. 460 pgs.

The Cure For All Diseases With Many Case Histories (Abridged Version) © Copyright 1995 by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph. D., N. D., All rights reserved. Permission is hereby granted to make copies of any part of this document for non-commercial purposes provided this page with the original copyright notice is included. This free copy is published by Dr. Clark Information Center ·, where we are keeping Dr. Clark’s legacy alive. 391 pgs.

AIDS | HIV | Herpes etc.

The HIV-AIDS Hoax: Was it the Seed of the COVID Con? Was AIDS the second biggest health con in history, which paved the way for the COVID hoax? Find out how they flipped the scientific consensus overnight - and the hideous things they said about a man of integrity, virologist and retrobiologist Peter Duesberg, who insisted that HIV doesn't cause AIDS, who then became the scapegoat for the crimes of Fauci's AIDS apparatus. Video Link (1:03:54).

Topic: Treating Herpes & HIV & AIDs with Chlorine Dioxide (.pdf 22 pgs) Treating Sexually Transmitted Diseases w/ CDS video: (01:56) by Brian Stone, the Testimonial for Molecular Medicines ~ Sharing “Solutions” against Disease ● see my complete MMS page here.

Biologist on the Real AIDS Epidemic Cause (09:15) {} A very simple explanation; old diseases with new names; biologist & researcher Christl J Meyer on the AIDS - HIV link. A set of symptoms that could be attributed to many diverse causes, called a deadly disease, testing for a viral cause of it using a PCR test. Doctor Fauci involved in the process and a dangerous drug (AZT) used as the cure to those testing positive, killing millions and making billions for the pharmaceutical industry and those linked to it. (Does this sound familiar to you?)


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