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Happy Life

Blessings or Panarchy (freemansperspective)
“Conspiracy Theory” Is Thuggery (freemansperspective)
Fear is a Mind Hack Intimidation is a hack, shame is a hack, a threat is a hack, confusion is a hack, insecurity is a hack, authority is a hack. All of these are tools for applying your life and energy to someone else's purpose. Whoever uses them strikes at your reason, your enthusiasm, and more or less all the better forces within you. (freemansperspective)
Future Fears: Why You Shouldn't Believe In A Full-Spectrum Crash--There are a large number of people waiting for a full-spectrum, apocalyptic crash of the Western system. What I maintain is that it won't happen. Yes, if enough people comply with their overlords, horrible abuses can happen, but there is not a “back to the stone ages” sudden apocalypse in our future.
The Deep State Primer. Elon Musk Sues CCDH: The connection of Deep State to education and censorship ~ video.
The Problem With Activism
● The Deep State: Unacknowledged: An Expose of the World's Greatest Secret (01:43:41) It is up to us to share the deepest understanding and information that it took us a lifetime to learn about, and hand it down to the next generation. Sharing this deeper understanding will lead to a less effective illegal, covert military, and could defund the global industrial complex (probably spending up to $100 billion / year by now, all funded by taxpayers). Informed young people could liberate earth from fossil fuels, un-ending war, poverty, eradicate deep state control, and bring safety and self reliance into every home, in a single generation.

5 Easy Steps to Make Your Home and Your Mind Clutter-Free w/ Dana White | The Mel Robbins Podcast (Take Control: along with this clutter free podcast, and you will be a new person in a week).
● Dr. Laura Call of the Day Podcast
● Dr. Laura Ultimate Guide to Marriage.pdf
Finance expert Catherine Austin Fitts, founder, and president of the Solari Report, discusses coming changes to the banking system, how they threaten our freedom, and what we can do to prevent them. Fitts was the assistant secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) during the Reagan administration. She understands the financial system inside and out, having spent decades exposing corruption and fraud, both within the banking industry and government; November 2023.
How to Spot a Liar
Humanity is Structured for Magnificence. This episode of the Parallel Society podcast explains something that's tremendously simple and is great news for us, but is at the same time deeply radical, going against the structure of the world we live in. And that's a simple phrase: Healthy humans are structured for creativity & magnificence at birth.
Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill
● procrastination: Anti-Procrastination 23 Tools to Stop-Akush Karia.pdf
● procrastination: Stop_F#cking_Procrastinating_&_Do_F#cking SomeThing.pdf
● procrastination: Do this 1st thing in the morning to stop procrastination. Mel Gibbons. High Five Habit: How you set your day up, is how it ends up. If you are serious about getting things done, making changes, start out daily w/ focus; get serious about your morning routine. At the start of each day, stand in front of the mirror and high-five yourself. Deliberately cheer yourself forward. Achievement: Brain reset; Goal: Self-Respect. 5 Second Rule: Works by counting backwards from five to one and then taking action, when procrastinating. It helps people take the right course of action instead of procrastinating, over-researching, over-thinking, worrying, getting overwhelmed. By using this rule, people can better accomplish goals.

● Do Organs Have a Mind of Their Own? Analysis by A Midwestern Doctor
● GOOD NEWS: A Father's Heart From Genesis To Revelation. For daughters who grew up without a loving father... or, if for whatever reason, your earthly father has never told you that he loves and cares for you, then read your Heavenly Father's Love Letter.
Jesus Challenge Christianity has become a religion about Jesus, not the religion of Jesus. What Jesus actually taught – was not doctrine; Jesus told his students “believe me,” rather than “believe in me”.
Jesus' Lost Philosophy
Was There a Real Jesus? And If So, What Did He Really Say?
Was There a Real Jesus? And If So, What Did He Really Say? podcast (11:28)
Top 12 Tips to Strengthen Gratitude.pdf
What do you value in life? How badly do you want it? Are you willing to accept some suffering for it? If you care more about losing money than gaining liberty, you're not going to get liberty. If truth isn't something you're willing to be hated for, you're not going to get much truth. If you can't bear social disdain, you'll have to stay in line and "do what Teacher says"… for life.

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