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18-year-olds and War
21st Century Addictions. In any negotiation, the one with power is the one who can walk away.
5 Top Habits for a Healthier Life.pdf for you and your children
● ACEs
Autism Epidemic; How to End it (Bitchute 55:10)
EMFs & Autism ~ video: (51:45) Here, we discuss some of the toxic factors that contribute to the development of autism; mercury, glyphosate, vaccine adjuvants, processed foods, and especially the role of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are all contributing factors. Peter Sullivan and Dr. Martha Herbert cowrote “The Autism Revolution: Whole-Body Strategies for Making Life All It Can Be.”
Baby_food Gourmet_Cookbook_Recipes_for_delicious_homemade.pdf
baby formula; best I can find (EU) MyOrganicCompany.Store
Child Nutrition--Live with Fred Baughman.pdf
Chronic Diseases in Children and How to Reverse Them — Mercola interviews Beth Lambert (57:56). Autism and most other chronic childhood diseases are caused by a constellation of factors that contribute to the total toxic load of modern living.
Cell Smart Phone and Internet Addiction — Hacks Your Brain and Triggers Anxiety, Are You Doing This? Anxiety, depression, stress, sleep disturbances and severely decreased productivity - they are putting both your health and mental well-being at risk. But if you're like many, you can't get enough of it. Here's how to determine its impact before it turns you or your child into a zombie. (video)
● EMFs Wireless Devices: Heavy Use Changes Kids' Brain Structure CBS 60 Minutes
Education: The thoughts of geniuses on the subject of education
10 Fast Food Samples Tested: Guess What They Found? If you or your children occasionally partake in a fast food meal or school lunch, you won't want to miss this stunning expose by Moms Across America. Submitting food samples from 10 of America's favorite fast food chains, along with 43 school lunches, MAA was astounded at what they uncovered.
Filters in the Age of Information Overload: We are constantly bombarded with so much information that it often exceeds the processing capacity of the human mind. ~ a Midwestern Doctor
Free Man's Perspective in the 21st Century
Hall of Shame: Targeting the Kids... Betrayal of kids is one of the harshest aspects of the not-so-great reset. Tessa Lena. History of American Education (5:46:59)- John Taylor Gatto: NY State Teacher of the Year Award Winner, John Taylor Gatto delivers a life-changing interview. Support parents and empowered education at
● Homeschooling: Tom Woods Homeschool
Homeschooling is Easier Than You Think (
● Homeschooling: Ron Paul Childrens Curriculum Homeschool Self-taught: Even before the junior high grades, parents don't have to teach. Students learn from daily videos, and from the Q&A forums in which students ask — and answer — questions. Students learn at their own pace. Students learn how to learn. Students will be better prepared for college. This is Ron Paul's most important achievement, and it's what he dreamed of doing even during his congressional career. Now, it's here. The Ron Paul Curriculum has a 95% renewal rate — unheard of in this field. Whether you have one child or fifteen, an annual subscription to the Ron Paul Curriculum site is only $250 (if you choose renewable billing; otherwise it's $350). Then it's just $50 per 180-video course.
How to Safeguard Your Child's Health and Future. In this interview, Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Palevsky, a practicing pediatrician, discusses the impact that mainstream propaganda (critical thinking v. dumbing down) narratives have on our children, and why it's so important to get your children out of the public education system. How to find local homeschooling parents (38:00). He also reviews some of the foundational strategies about vaccination, for staying healthy, and how to treat those dreaded childhood fevers (avoid acetaminophen when sick).
Information War: The Deadly War Hardly Anyone Realizes We're Fighting. Many people still haven't woken up to the fact that we are in the fight of our lives, mainly because the aggressors are agencies that we've long trusted. But make no mistake, they've turned against us and soon life as you know it will become unrecognizable. The worst part? They won't care if you live or die.
● Internet: Understanding the Origins of Internet Censorship. Internet freedom was born in the early 1990s, but now it's appearing that the national security state had other ideas for its use right from the start. The most effective social engineering tool ever conceived, the internet could be used against those who became dependent upon it.
Law: Mind Games. To uncritically, reflexively obey is not respect... it is to hold “the law” above reason... above reality. Until recent times, law was not legislation. Law in the old days was not made by politicians. Law was the process of determining what was just.
Mass Media: Why Are We Flooded With Outrage-Producing News Stories? The mass media's business model revolves around emotionally enraging and upsetting its audience because that makes more money than informing and empowering the public. Tips for having a healthy relationship with the mass media and everyday life. Analysis by a Midwestern Doctor.
● Modern History Lesson: The Rise of a Terra Nova. A new world discovered and built by Cypherpunks; Bitcoin, encryption, Wikileaks, etc: A new future.
● News: We Don't Really Know What's Happening.
Our Natural Predators: Intellectual Predators; Authority, Idols, Promise of Free Stuff.
Plastics in your child's brain
Pot: Health Effects of Today's Weed: Depression, Schizophrenia, more Addiction. Today's marijuana is much more potent than it was a few decades ago. As more and more U.S. states legalize marijuana, health officials are beginning to see the long-term effects of chronic cannabis use, including mental health issues such as major depression, poor sleep, suicidal thoughts and suicides, psychosis, and schizophrenia; plus it quadruples the risk of being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
Preparing Kids to Be Responsible (50 minutes, Dr. Laura podcast)
Rulers: What They Believe. The incentives faced by productive people and the incentives facing rulers (of whatever stripe) are very, very different. This list of quotes, I believe, will make that point.
Science Projects for Kids.pdf
Sneaky Tricks to Protect You & Your Child's Mind: Gain valuable insights into the tactics used by propaganda machines; learn how to see beyond their false narratives, teach your child how to see the whole picture.
Social Media (
Status, Evolution & Human Nature, Status Revisited (
● Sleep: Become Baby Wise; Give Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep.pdf
● Tonsils: Can Tonsil Removal Provoke Polio or Autoimmune Disease? Once a widely recommended and very common surgical intervention, tonsillectomy has fallen out of grace.
● Tonsils: Removing Your Tonsils Is a Bad Idea. Research reveals this common childhood surgery may increase risk of chronic respiratory conditions and demonstrates tonsils are integral to the development of the immune system. However, partial removal may be beneficial for some children with recurring, chronic or severe tonsillitis or complications resulting from enlarged tonsils.
Transgender Lies: How to Protect Your Child. Interview with Dr. Miriam Grossman, child and adolescent psychiatrist and board-certified medical doctor, discusses the dangers of transgender ideology, which is her specialty, and, more importantly, how to protect your children from it.
Trans Horrors; The Unspoken Horrors of Gender Transition Surgery. While children are increasingly lured into 'gender-affirming' therapy and even surgery, they have no idea of what they are facing. Many grownups have no clue either. Worse, some clinics hand out hormone replacement therapy prescriptions like candy to get the nonreversible process started.
Trans Horror Video (15:01) Who is Behind the Trans Agenda? (38:58)
● Transgender Indoctrination: The Hidden Epidemic. Learn how transgender ideology is spreading rapidly and how it's affecting young minds. Here's how you can protect your children from its harmful effects.
Trans Gender Video “Lost in Trans Nation,” (1:05:12) "Parent's Notice to Schools." Dr. Miriam Grossman, a child and adolescent psychiatrist and board-certified medical doctor, provides parents with the required knowledge and tools to protect their children from the transgender ideology contagion.
Why Wait to Have Sex?
Vaccinations: inform yourself; what to know, what to avoid and why
Vaping and E-Cigarettes: The deception, and what they do to your lungs and brain. From high levels of toxic heavy metals and chemicals to microbes and fungi, vaping cartridges and e-cig vapors may be even worse than regular cigarettes. Fruit and mint flavored vaping products may be the most harmful - they increase inflammation in multiple organs and lead to behavior and mood changes.
Wet Wipes Can Cause Food Allergies

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