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Keep things organized but, still, keep things simple.” ~ Mark Grenon

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  • Master Mineral Solution (MMS)
  • Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)
  • Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) (CD)
  • Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS)

    Physics and Facts: On a molecular level, the process of oxidation involves pH and voltage. Oxygen has a voltage of 1.3, and Chlorine Dioxide has a voltage of .95 volts. Most pathogens (over 99% of them) are weak acidic molecules with lower voltage. That is how, through selective oxidization, chlorine dioxide destroys harmful pathogens in the body. It draws electrons from pathogens, thereby dismantling (killing) and rendering them harmless.
    What it Kills: ClO2, when used as a disinfectant, is effective against spore-forming bacteria (like Anthrax). When ingested, it is effective against microorganisms hiding inside the biofilm of your body (where other remedies can’t reach). The biofilm is a thin layer of bacteria that form inside a sticky slime matrix, usually on surfaces in contact with water. The biofilm protects microorganisms (like Listeria), so ClO2 is extremely useful for detoxification.
    Naturally Safe: ClO2 has no effect on strong healthy cells and molecules which are alkaline, while it tears apart weak acidic pathogenic molecules. ClO2 is an oxidizer which draws off electrons from pathogenic molecules, thus weakening and breaking them up. ClO2 is a weaker oxidizer in comparison to oxygen (O2), ozone (O3) or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which are classified as strong oxidizers. The Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) mode of action is very different from bleach or chlorines. Chlorine kills pathogens by chlorination whereas chlorine dioxide kills by oxidation. That is a big difference, because chlorination produces residual (carcinogenic) toxins. ClO2 oxidization leaves no toxic byproducts. The body then heals itself.
    Matthew 10:1And when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.” ~ KJV

download handy measurement equivalent table

download pdf measurements for making CDS & MMS

handy cliff notes:

To make your own Sodium Chlorite:
Weigh out 10 grams sodium chlorite (NaCl02) flakes
for each 1 oz (2 tbs) distilled H2O
28 grams flakes added to 72 grams water (72 ml - 1 ml water weighs 1 g), makes 28 oz classic MMS solution
100 g flakes makes 10 oz NaClO2 25% solution
240 g flakes makes 24 oz NaClO2 25% solution

MMS Topical (spray or drops)

MMS1 Oral pH correct; updated June-10-2022

Pets drinking water maintenance dose:
20 drops MMS (NaClO2 25% solution) / gallon pure H2O

Spiked Ginger Ale dose:
30 drops MMS (NaClO2 25% solution) in 2L Canada Dry. The citric acid in it will activate the sodium chlorite over a period of one hour at room temperature, and produce a spiked ginger ale ≈ 100 ppm chlorine dioxide solution:
1 drop dose = 2 teaspoons
2 drop dose = 4 teaspoons
3 drop dose = 2 tablespoons spiked ginger ale

Sodium Chlorite drinking water:
Scott McRae's Protocol-1 MMS recipe:
Add whichever number of MMS drops (22-25% sodium chlorite solution, unactivated) to a bottle of drinking water (1-2 liters / quarts water), drink it throughout day, allowing existing stomach acid to activate internally.
If 20 drops = 1 mL, and
If natural stomach acid activates 90% of the sodium chlorite, then:
1 drop in a bottle of water provides 7.2mg ClO2
6 drops in bottle of water provides  43mg ClO2
10 drops in bottle of water provides 72mg ClO2

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Thoughts About Treating Life-Threatening Diseases w/ CD

Chlorine Dioxide (CD) protocols for Cancer, Autism, MS and Lyme... CD, MMS1 and MMS2, are the big guns, but may not be complete. Read the book protocols, for more information on treating these diseases. These are very resistant diseases that need additional protocols to penetrate cell walls, detox heavy metals, cross the blood brain barrier and defeat inner-cellular microbe defenses respectively. We have to learn about MMS1, MMS2, DMSO. But we also need to learn about oral health and gut health. We need to learn about parasites, mold & mildew poisoning, detoxing and binders. About melatonin, sunshine, etc. Stop all toxins from entering the body in foods, medications, cookware, beauty products, fluoride, aluminum etc. Even our clothing can be toxic! Avoid tap water, avoid soy & seed oils. Be open-minded about eventually, reducing prescription drug dependence. Above all, be open-minded, don't get negative or judgey here, or allow others to ridicule any of this. And there is a lot to learn, so take it a step at a time. It doesn't happen overnight, but it will damn sure happen.

For the most part, cancer seems to be related to two different blood parasites that actually invade inside the cells. The CD cannot pass the cell walls normally so the bugs are safe. Unless you use DMSO. BUT this is an advanced protocol so you MUST study and follow it to have a good chance of success. Don't just wing it. (And don't just do it if you don't have Cancer.)

Autism and MS seem to be related to heavy metal poisoning damage, for example mercury and aluminum poisoning, which can destroy the myelin sheath on nerve bundles (=MS). Or in the case of autism symptoms, which are the same as Mad Hatters Disease (=mercury poisoning). A lot of these facts are not coincidence.

So, just CD is not a complete cure. Other protocols are usually needed.

In the case of Lyme, not only are you dealing with multiple blood parasites but the BB has 4 forms spore, spirochete bacteria cist and can hide in a polymer bioslime from medications as well as inside large parasites. So a proper protocol starts with a parasite detox from large to small, then as CD dosage goes up it begins to burn off the bacteria, then the cysts, then the spores, by degrading and destroying the polymer. Then all you have left is to clean out the mycoplasma hiding in the white blood cells with DMSO. Lyme is a hell of a complex bioweapon thanks to Fort Dietrich and Plum Island bio weapon facilities (staffed by evil fools). They let it escape from Plum Island offshore at Lyme Connecticut. And that is why we call it Lyme... A mycoplasma and spirochete inside blood worms inside ticks. Diabolical.

But--99% of pathogen microbes are not smart and CD cleans them up just fine. As does your immune system, if you reduce the load on it with CD. ~ myself & Greg


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CD documentaries
if you are new to chlorine dioxide... recommendation:
watch the following 2 documentary videos
take the Universal Antidote Course

Quantum Leap: Chlorine Dioxide, the Universal Remedy that Big Pharma Hates ~ Original G2Church MMS Documentary (57:16) (circa ©2016) | Red Pill University. Miracle/ master mineral solution, made famous by Jim Humble. Mark Grenon and Kacper Maciej Postawski narrate this film (note: websites shown in video have all been scrubbed). “This is one of the most suppressed stories of all time. It is the story of seemingly miraculous cures of many life-threatening illnesses by a remedy that you can make yourself, is safe; has no unwanted side effects, and costs about the same as a haircut.” (, G. Edward Griffin, Beyond the Matrix) – source: Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. This movie is dedicated to the brave men & women who have risked their lives and their freedoms in order to speak out about the truth for the liberation of humanity. Thank you for all you do. Do not give up. The tide is turning, the shift is coming. The night is darkest before the dawn. [mirror]

The Universal Antidote Documentary was released by the Curious Outlier, made free to the public on February 1, 2021. (01:47:27) Curious Outlier is a registered nurse with 25 years of critical care experience. His website is recommended by Mike Adams, Health Ranger and founder of Brighteon. [mirror]
      • The Universal Antidote Interactive Reference Handbook
      • The Universal Antidote University Beginner Training Guidebook
      • The Universal Antidote Course A Chlorine Dioxide tutorial. Length: 2 hours 2 minutes. Course includes videos, guidebook, protocols, recipes, instructions, support group, FAQ and much more. Bonus: Thanks to an anonymous donor, the $150 fee for the course is waived indefinitely.

If you buy a CDS making kit, there will not be any instructions included with it on how to prepare CDS for treating illness or improving health, because they are not allowed to sell it for ingestion. So you need to educate yourself, by reading some of the reports listed on this site, by watching some of the free videos, and you need to learn how to use this and know dosages for different conditions by reading some of the books listed on this site.

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intro A&B MMS CDS bottle videos books: links pets research politics glossary suppliers

MMS & CDS books
“Buy the truth, and sell it not,” Proverbs 23:23

my recommendation:
buy & read at least 2 of these books before (or while) starting chlorine dioxide

“Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium” (older outdated)
(287 pgs) 2011; by Jim Humble (

“MMS Health Recovery Guidebook”
(346 pgs) 2016; by Jim Humble: ( or ( (HRG) 2016 is his latest ebook; The 2019 print version is very similar; the main update is the animal protocol.

“Health Sacraments Workbook”
(120 pgs) by Marc S. Grenon 2017

“Imagine a World Without Dis-ease” Vol I; 100 years ago, there were only 12 listed diseases.

“Imagine a World Without Dis-ease” Vol II

“Imagine a World Without Dis-ease” Vol III
or (

“Forbidden Health; Incurable Was Yesterday”
(437 pgs) 2018 by Andreas Ludwig Kalcker ( “While the use of chlorine dioxide for health is not legal, the fact that we can’t use it for health is a crime. We live in a world of 'forbidden health.'”

Below are my copies I purchased or acquired for my family & friends who are having problems finding or buying these books. These authors should be paid for their efforts, risk and sacrifice as you can, by purchasing a copy from links above whenever possible. If you read Mark Grenon's pdf books, be sure to leave a donation to Mark at:

intro A&B: MMS CDS bottle videos books links pets research politics glossary suppliers
How to Make parts A and B
used for making MMS or CDS
DIY from raw materials (cheapest)

Chlorine Dioxide
is made from combining
Part A
and Part B

      PART A: Sodium Chlorite solution
          25% sodium chlorite (NaClO2)
           6% inert salts
          69% distilled water (H2O)

      Part B: Hydrochloric Acid solution
           4% hydrochloric acid (HCl)
          96% distilled water (H2O)

cheat sheet infographic ~ making part A & part B from scratch

download free .pdf of the above infographic here

ingredients: glass bowl and plastic stirring spoon
280 grams 80% sodium chlorite dry powder / flakes
720 grams distilled water
glass (boston round amber) storage bottles with plastic lids
labels and permanent markers (label everything immediately)
yield part A: 850 ml MMS, or 28.74 ounces, or seven 4oz. bottles
yield part B: 100 ml hydrochloric acid (or 3.4 ounces; increase as needed)
savings: 11 lb bag makes 1247 4oz bottles
storage: expected shelf life of properly stored premade diluted solutions (parts A & B) is approx 1½ - 2 years. Andreas Kalcker has said on videos that you can use it even up to 5 years.
note: if you mix the chlorite flakes at 28% by weight you will end up with 22.4 percent strength as the flakes are 80% sodium Chlorite and 20% stabilizers. Its confusing as many MMS bottles say 28% solution and do not take into account the inert salt stabilizers. Mix at 28 grams of 80% flakes to 72 grams water (or ml as 1 gm water is 1 ml), and you have classic MMS solution.
note: don't cross-contaminate any utensils, syringes, bottles, lids, etc., between sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid solutions.

How to Make MMS by Jim Humble August 2019
How to Make MMS 22.4% Sodium Chlorite (21:59) Mark Grenon (G2 Church)
Getting Started with Chlorine Dioxide in 48 mins (48:46) No fear or confusion. This video explains the difference between Master Mineral Supplement MMS and Chlorine Dioxide Solution CDS. Shows simple algebra formula for how to make Part A & Part B from raw materials, from any original concentration you keep in storage. David Oates (YouTube Terminated)
How To Make Chlorine Dioxide Solution From The Raw Ingredients: The Golden Cure (16:56) David Oates (YouTube Terminated)
ClO2 DIY Spreadsheets for MMS & CDS Brian Stone (Molecular Medicines)
From Flakes to MMS to CDS: A Chlorine Dioxide "How To" (comprehensive) Video for making it at home (53:43) My favorite takeaway: Weigh out 10 grams dry sodium chlorite (NaCl02) for each 1 oz. H20 (distilled). Mark your jar ahead of time, to line you are making. Add flakes first. This makes Part A about 25%. Part A can be anywhere from 22--29% and it's fine. Chlorine Dioxide Truth (Further Light and Knowledge) Published August 19, 2022 by Brian Stone (Molecular Medicines)
Learning the difference (08:32) between Sodium Chlorite, Activated MMS and CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution). This video is for the new people looking into making and using Chlorine Dioxide for medicinal purposes.
What is MMS and How to Make it.pdf ~
How to make CDS – Detailed and Quick Version.pdf compiled by JC
How to Distill Muriatic Acid to Pure Hydrochloric Acid (03:01) Using this video allows anyone access to a cheap gallon of muriatic acid, available everywhere. Some people just filter and use it as is (depends on if you plan to ingest it).

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How to Make MMS
Jim Humble method
produces 1 dose of fresh MMS1
using part A and part B • measure in drops
download printable infosheet
part A
Part A
part B
Part B
shot glass 1/2 cup water

Directions: Mix equal number drops of part A and B in a clear, clean, dry shotglass. Let the combined drops blend and activate for 30 - 60 seconds, until the blend goes from yellow to a deep amber color (this is now activated MMS1). Now pour the contents of the shotglass into 1/2 cup of (purified or mineral or RO or distilled) water.

1 fresh dose of MMS1.

How to Use: Mix and take 1 fresh dose / hour for 8-10 times / day.

MMS1 Dose: To figure out how many drops per dose, follow directions in the protocol treatment that applies to your situation.

note: When mixing MMS1, the amounts of part A and part B is measured in drops. The number of drops you activate for a dose will be determined by the protocol you are using; 3 drops (of each) is the usual maximum amount per dose per hour.

note: For oral doses, Jim recommends 30 seconds activation, and for kids with autism, Kerri recommends 60 seconds. For topical use, or foot baths, experienced users do a longer activation since it’s not going to continue to activate in stomach acid.

note: For taste: Although not as ideal, you CAN substitute “Simply Juice” Cranberry or Apple flavor for a dose instead of water. These were the 2 juices tested by Brian Stone found to MINIMALLY dilute the potency of chlorine dioxide. “Simply Juice” is found in the refrigerator section of the grocer. Avoid pasteurized juices, juices containing ascorbic acid, or made from concentrate.

note: About 20% of the sodium chlorite is actually activated by the hydrochloric acid in the shotglass in 30 seconds. When added to distilled water the remaining 80% is activated by our stomach acid.

chlorine dioxide concentration in newly activated MMS1 solution is probably as high as 20,000 ppm. I (Curious Outlier) haven't heard of any pathogen needing more than 500 ppm for complete destruction if contact is made. Usually the range for killing pathogens is less than 100 ppm.

Protocol to Use: If you haven't taken MMS before, or haven't for some time, always begin with the starting protocol.

Protocols are found in MMS Health Recovery Guidebook by Jim Humble ©2016.

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intro A&B MMS CDS: bottle videos books links pets research politics glossary suppliers
How to Make CDS
Andreas Kalcker method
produces 250 mL chlorine dioxide 3000 ppm concentrate solution
use part A and part B • measure in mLs
download printable infosheet

bail lid canning jar clear shotglass amber plastic syringe amber boston round


  • wide mouth glass canning jar w/ air-tight seal (wire bail lid shown)
  • shotglass that fits inside the closed jar X 2
  • 12cc syringe (amber is ideal for UV light protection)
  • amber glass (boston round) storage bottle with plastic lid (& label)
  • don't use anything metal in contact with chlorine dioxide


  • 10 ml sodium chlorite (NaClO2) 22.4%-25% solution (5ml X 2)
  • 10 ml 4-5% hydrochloric acid (HCl) (or other acid activator) (5ml X 2)
  • 1 cup (250 ml) distilled H2O


  • STEP 1. At room temperature: Mix 5 ml Part A with 5 ml Part B in a shot glass. Place the shotglass carefully in the jar, into the water, keeping the water from spilling or mixing into the shotglass. Seal the jar, and place it in a cupboard (store in dark place at room temperature) for 12 -- 24 hours.

    Note: Combining parts A & B produces chlorine dioxide gas, which will vaporize out of the shotglass and dissolve in the jar of water, creating a chlorine dioxide solution. Avoid breathing any CD vapor.

    TIP: Take the jar of developing CDS solution out of the cabinet and place it in the refrigerator to chill for a couple hours before step 2. This minimizes the escape of chlorine dioxide gas when opening the jar.
  • STEP 2. Repeat STEP 1 again exactly as above: Place another 5ml each of part A and part B in another shotglass. Take the now-cooled jar of solution out of the refrigerator. Open the jar, take out the first shotglass, set it aside, place the second shotglass into the developing solution, quickly close and seal the jar. Place it back in a dark space at room temperature for another 12 - 24 hrs.

    TIP: Empty the shotglasses' contents after each step, into an amber glass spray bottle, labeled for a safe, antiseptic cleanser to use on counter top surfaces, cutting boards, etc. Or you can discard it; but don't ingest it.

  • PREPARATION TIME: 24-48 hours.
  • YIELD: 1 cup CDS...
    or 250 ml of 3000ppm (parts per million) concentrated chlorine dioxide (CLO2) solution, called CDS.

  • The finished CDS solution will be a rich golden yellow like sunflower seed oil. The depth of its color is a visual indication of its potency. The brighter and darker the yellow color, the fresher or more concentrated (closer to 3000ppm) it is.
  • The finished CDS solution should test at 0.3% or 3000ppm concentrated solution. To test chlorine dioxide ppm: Use Lamotte 3002 Series high range chlorine dioxide test strips that measure up to 500ppm. It is easiest (and most accurate) if you extract 1mL of the CDS concentrate and dilute it with 29 mL water. Your test strip should read 100ppm (multiplied by 30 = 3000ppm). Then, just drink the test 30ml or put in your dog's water bowl.
  • Pour and store your finished CDS concentrate in (a) sealed amber (boston round) glass bottle(s). Do not use any metal (instruments, lids, etc.) with CDS.
  • Use this CDS concentrate to mix the doses measured in milliliters defined by the Kalcker treatment protocol you choose.
  • Although many of Andreas Kalcker's CD treatment protocol doses call for milliliters of his 3000ppm CDS concentrate made from his recipe above, some of Kalcker's protocols still call for simple activated drops of CD, the same thing as MMS1 drops in Jim Humble's protocols, so don't be confused by that. Here is a breakdown (by of which protocols utilize CD drops (MMS1) and which ones utilize milliliters of the 3000ppm concentrate CDS Kalker is known for.

CDS Recipe Variation Number #2: To make CDS using dry Citric Acid: Substitute the drops of 4% HCl solution with equal number of drops of 50% citric acid solution, made from constituing citric acid powder. For 1 cup water, use 12 mls each of both sodium chlorite solution and citric acid solution. Differences: It only takes one "bake" or one 12-hour process instead of two with HCL and it’s done. Citric acid powder stores for decades. Citric acid is normally cheap and available anywhere alongside food canning supplies. Digestive upset caused by citric acid is not an issue with this CDS recipe, because the citric acid is not ingested; it is only used in the chemical reaction that forms the chlorine dioxide gas that vaporizes and dissolves in the surrounding water.

CDS Recipe Variation Number #3: You can use muriatic acid HCL to make 3000ppm CDS overnight with one infusion or "bake." Use 1 cup of water, 12ml of NaClO2 and 12ml of 10% muriatic acid HCL solution in the shot glass. Differences: It only takes one 12-hour infusion or bake for this recipe instead of 2. Muriatic acid is cheaper than higher grade 4% hydrochloric acid, and is more widely available in most home supply stores. Like with using citric acid, its purity or quality grade is not an issue, since it is not ingested.

note: The 3000ppm concentrate is not for ingestion until it is diluted into specific doses, according to specific treatment protocols, usually near 30ppm. The 3000ppm concentrate solution may be used undiluted topically in some protocols.

note: CDS will gas off over 50ºF. and must be stored in a refrigerator. CDS quickly degrades exposed to warmth, light and air. The goal is to prevent as much loss of gas to evaporation as possible, while making and handling it. CDS can last up to a year or two in the refrigerator (Kalcker mentioned in a video some has been kept successfully up to 5 years).

note: CDS should be stored in brown glass bottles, with plastic caps, and with small necks for less airspace. Green glass bottles also work OK, but blue bottles let too much light in. CDS can be stored or shipped in appropriate plastic bottles for up to 6 months.

note: Always label CDS bottles with ppm concentration, date & expected expiration.

sources: CDS Protocol C - The MOST COMMONLY used Protocol with Chlorine Dioxide Solution: Here is a video demonstration of how to make and take CDS Classic Protocol C.

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intro A&B MMS CDS bottle: videos books links pets research politics glossary suppliers
How to Make a Bottle of CD
with one day's worth of doses
use part A and part B, or 3000ppm CDS
measure in drops for MMS protocols
measure in mLs for many CDS protocols
download printable infosheet
part A
Part A
part B
Part B
shot glass amber plastic syringe 1 liter or 1 quart water bottle

Making a bottle of CD (a whole day's worth of CDS or MMS doses) is not as ideal as making fresh doses hourly, but it still works fine for people who aren't home all day, or for bringing to a loved one in the hospital. Use a glass or hard plastic bottle that holds a liter or 32 oz of water. Mark the bottle with lines for 8 to 10 doses. The exact dose amounts will depend on whether you use Humble or Kalcker protocols, and which protocol, but they are all similar. Keep the bottle cool (below 50°F) all day if possible between drinking your hourly doses (possible freezing will not hurt the CD). The doses do not have to be on an empty stomach, but wait 1 hour after eating before a dose, and wait 30 minutes after a dose before eating.

Jim Humble MMS Protocols: bottle holds 8-10 4oz doses.
Mix A & B and activate 30-60 seconds, and use certain number of drops added to a quart / 32 oz bottle of distilled or purified water. The number is often 3 drops per dose (3 x 8 or 3 x 10) depending on the protocol. Humble's protocols are in Chapter 6 of his book Health Recovery Guide Book ©2016.

Andreas Kalcker CDS Protocols: bottle holds 8-10 100-150ml doses.
Use the 3000 ppm CDS concentrate and add certain number of milliliters to a liter bottle of distilled or mineral water. While many of Kalcker's protocols use doses of his concentrate CDS, many of his protocols still use drops of freshly activated CD from original Humble protocols. Kalcker's protocols are in Chapter 3 of his book “Salud prohibida” Forbidden Health ©2018.

Making a daily bottle of CDS in about 3 - 4 hours time (04:58) following Kalcker Protocol C (which is 10ml of 3000ppm CDS in 1 liter of water daily, or 1 mL of 3000ppm CDS in 100 mL of water hourly). This recipe makes a single bottle of CDS at about 30ppm, ready to drink. You can make this CDS at room temperature or in a fridge. Drink 100ml from the bottle, hourly. Make as many bottles of 30ppm CDS needed for 1 day.

Safe Plastic (bottles) to Use (infographic)

Pharmaceutical should be separated by two hours before or one hour after chlorine dioxide ingestion. Quite a number of pharmaceutical drugs can be neutralized by Chlorine Dioxide, and vice versa. Here's a research paper about it: Oxidation of pharmaceuticals by chlorine dioxide in biologically treated wastewater. Hey, G., Grabic, R., Ledin, A., la Cour Jansen, J., & Andersen, H. R. (2012). Chemical Engineering Journal, 185-186, 236-242,

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Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) Andreas Kalcker method:

1 ml CDS solution ≈ 3 mg of CLO2
CDS is 3000 ppm (parts per million) or 3000/1000000 * 100% = 0.3%CD, which contains 3mg of CLO2 per mL of CDS.
In Latin America during the COVID pandemic, for prevention, doctors successfully used 10ml of CDS added to a bottle (1 to 2 liters) of water to provide 30mg of CLO2 / day.
add 10ml CDS to 1 bottle of water to provide 30mg of CLO2
add 15ml CDS to 1 bottle of water to provide 45mg of CLO2
add 20ml CDS to 1 bottle of water to provide 75mg of CLO2

1 fully activated drop of MMS contains 8mg CLO2.
1 3-drop dose of activated MMS contains about 25 ppm.
1 ml of 3000ppm CDS (Andreas Kalcker method) contains 3mg CLO2.


intro A&B MMS CDS bottle videos books: links: pets research politics glossary suppliers

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Original Resources

Jim Humble, Mark Grenon, G2 Church

Understanding MMS - Conversations with Jim Humble part 1/11.wmv (09:29) by Adam Abraham, Dec 26, 2009. Adam Abraham's Blog: Thought for Food
Understanding MMS - Conversations with Jim Humble part 2/11.wmv (10:39)
Understanding MMS - Conversations with Jim Humble part 3/11.wmv (09:49)
Understanding MMS - Conversations with Jim Humble part 7/11.wmv (09:59)
Understanding MMS - Conversations with Jim Humble part 9/11.wmv (09:59)
Understanding MMS - Conversations with Jim Humble part 10/11.wmv (09:59)
Understanding MMS - Conversations with Jim Humble part 11/11.wmv (05:09) conclusion by Adam Abraham, Dec 26, 2009.
MMS Testimonials ( Set up by Jim Humble. Website directory of testimonies listed alphabetically by issue, illness, disease.
Frequently Asked Questions about MMS (
Mold / Fungus Protocol
How To Make MMS | Jim Humble | MMS ( August 2019
G2 Church Bitchute channel; 176 videos. The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing was founded in April of 2010 by Bishop Jim Humble and Bishop Mark Grenon. In spite of imprisonment of Mark & his 3 sons, the church movement grows in over 135 countries with 251 G2Church Chapters and 113 Bishops. The G2 Church was funded upon the goal to create, "A World Without DIS-EASE".
G2 Church Brighteon channel; this is Mark Grenon's collection of almost 400 videos about how to make & use chlorine dioxide, illnesses it treats, and interviews, testimonies, etc.
Introduction to Chlorine Dixoide which has at least 30,000 successfully patented uses. Dr. Alan Keyes and Bob Sisson on Alex Jones' InfoWars; interviewing Mike Adams (Health Ranger, Brighteon founder) and Bishop Mark Grenon and son Joe of the Genesis II Church, introducing Jim Humble's chlorine dioxide. Kerri Rivera is mentioned using CD for autism, and Dr Stephanie Seneff says MIT scientists have shown that CD destroys glyphosate, breaking it down to 3 elements the body needs.
Chlorine Dioxide: When something is censored or lied about--you need it. Dr Lee Merritt MD interviews Mark Grenon from prison (55:32) June 9, 2022. Chock full of info.

Andreas L. Kalcker

Forbidden Health video (01:27:39)
The Miracle of Chlorine Dioxide Solution Latest Updates (47:17) with Catherine Edwards on Rumble, published November 10, 2022
Kalcker interview with the Health Ranger (01:06:58)
Andreas Kalcker Protocols & correct use of chlorine dioxide
What is CDS & How to Make ClO2 (12:10) Brighteon
How to make Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) CDS 3000 ppm solution (10:32) with treatment protocols A-S

the Curious Outlier

The Universal Antidote
Curious Outlier Brighteon channel
Curious Human Productions Brighteon video channel
Curious Human Productions Bitchute video channel
Curious Human Productions Rumble video channel
The Universal Antidote Rumble video channel (training videos)
The Universal Antidote Odyssey video channel

David Oates

YouTube Terminated Rumble channel
David explaining CDS on the Stew Peters Show
YouTube Terminated's Chlorine Dioxide Testimonies Telegram group

Brian Stone, PhD.

Molecular Medicines I teach about MMS, CDS & more Molecular Meds that help the body to heal itself quickly, easily and inexpensively, including Hydroxygen, DMSO, Calcium Hypochlorite and Charged Water (plasma water).
Chlorine Dioxide Truth: Further Light & Knowledge Rumble channel
MMS, CDS & more Molecular Meds Brighteon channel
Chlorine Dioxide Truth: Further Light & Knowledge Telegram group

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telegram groups & channels

Telegram Chlorine Dioxide Groups: If you are new to using Telegram (like I am) I copied a list of tips posted by the Curious Outlier, that helps during the learning curve, at the bottom of this page.

CHANNEL: The Universal Antidote Videos (41,900 subscribers)
Owner: Curious Human Productions
About: "Welcome to my channel. To help you take back control of your own health. I am not here to cure, treat or diagnose. All the information shared is for education purposes. This is a repository of chlorine dioxide videos, including documentaries and testimonials."

GROUP: The Universal Antidote Videos Chat (21,175 members)
Chat Invite Link:
Owner: The Curious Outlier.
Admins: Chief, CL, IamThor, Nancy, Tara W.
About: This chat group is for helping people learn about and use the universal antidote, Chlorine Dioxide. To join, you must establish a telegram @username, set your access to public for chat admin to invite you. After accepted, you can return your public access to private so only your contacts can invite you to a group.

GROUP: Chlorine Dioxide Testimonies (21,825 members)
Owner: YouTube Terminated (David Oates)
About: This worldwide group is for you to explore CDS and MMS testimonies and to gain knowledge on how to protect yourself during these evil days. This is the time to save lives and humanity!

CHANNEL: Chlorine Dioxide Testimonies News Network (1243 subscribers)
Owner: Chlorine Dioxide Testimonies Group
About: Providing Chlorine Dioxide news, interviews and real life success stories.

CHANNEL: Jim Humble MMS Protocols (8955 subscribers)
About: This channel was created in order to categorize the Jim Humble Health Recovery Guidebook Protocols and provide an easy way for people to find and look at them. Pages by symptoms.

CHANNEL: Andreas Kalcker Protocols (6470 subscribers)
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more sources & links (Red Cross Uganda 2012 video 154 cases Malaria cured in 24--48 hours)
MMS Forum (
Chlorine Dioxide [CD] (
JA Health Advocate website
Healing Disease - MMS - CLO2 Brighteon channel
CD Autism Protocol
Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism - Kerri Rivera [PP presentation]
The Truth About Chlorine Dioxide ( The science of chlorine dioxide is very straightforward. It is not the purpose of this site to endorse any particular use of this chemical compound, merely to set the record straight on the science, encourage research, counter hysterical news media-generated propaganda, and identify the perpetrators of misinformation by name.
No Miracle, Just Wonderful Chemistry by Adam Abraham. This article was first published September 9, 2007, and hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people have read it and shared with others. It had not been updated until November 7, 2021. Many of the links were no longer available.
CLO2TVNEWS: Bob The Plumber, east Tennessee (Brighteon channel)
CLO2: What You Don't Know can change the health landscape of the world (01:02:25) A discussion with Bob (the plumber) Sisson and Mark Grenon about the health benefits of CLO2 also know as MMS. This is a short history of how Chlorine dioxide was discovered as a cure for various ailments beginning with Jim Humble, Mark Grenon, then Dr. Kalcker in Europe, and then Kerri Rivera (for Autism). Learn more at (Brighteon's IAMtv channel.)
CLO2Works Brighteon channel
The Chlorine Dioxide Controversy, January 22, 2021 By Dr. Stephanie Seneff, PhD (
Everything you wanted to know about Chlorine Dioxide but were too afraid to ask” The Mark Attwood Show on Bitchute, published October 13, 2021 with interviews, testimonials and tips for use.
Making Water Safe (
Educate-Yourself© ( photo testimonials. The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought By Ken Adachi.
RikiLeaks ~ Beyond the Biohacking
How to Starve Cancer Jane McLelland Off Label Drugs for Cancer
MMS COVID-19 Protocol (MMSChlorineDioxide on Telegram)
MMS Vaccine Protocol (MMSChlorineDioxide on Telegram)
An Introduction to Chlorine Dioxide (MMS/CLO2) - a miraculous tool for optimal health. Betsy interviews Lana, an admin of the MMS Drinking Buddy Telegram channel (01:19:22). Freedom Junkie Radio podcast with Betsy Dewey 05-20-22.
Christopher Key (35:25) (vaccine police chief) on covid tyranny, chlorine dioxide and more.
Secret Mineral (
MMS Meie Elus Rumble Channel (Sweden). Janika gives her experienced recommendations how she makes and doses CDS. She uses general, not exact measurements because she has found each person will develop their own maximum dosages they need for their body and their health condition.
Stop World Control CDS info.
Chlorine Dioxide: The Secret Disinfectant (08:21) a Malaysian report & video saved here on "Destroying The Illusion" Rumble channel, Jordan Sather, journalist & truth-seeker on Rumble.
Chlorine Dioxide: The Truth Buried by Lies, Condemnation, Censorship Podcast (01:04:12) ( In this interview Ken McCarthy, a pioneer in the movement to commercialize the internet, a wealth of knowledge on internet advertising and marketing, and former student of neuroscience at Princeton University, presents a compelling argument for the safe and effective use of chlorine dioxide as therapy for a range of illnesses. He explains how chlorine dioxide is able to kill pathogens, while not killing biological tissue. Mirrors: Youtube | Odyssey | mp3 audio
The Medical Missionary on Telegram: “They have hacked the DNA of everyone who danced. Let CLO2 help you to 'unhack' your DNA, so you stop the potential generational curse. What they did using the DARPA/ Moderna recipe to hack our God given software of life, should be considered criminal. Share the UA Documentary with everyone near and far. I just shared with some Mental Health Professionals who asked why I'm never scared. They're all boostered and still so scared. Why be scared when you have access to the most powerful heavenly antidote Christ, and the true earthly antidote... CLO2? Even if you made a mistake and got hacked, use the UA antivirus and begin fixing your hacked software. That's a win, win.”
A well informed Doctor gives his opinions on MMS (04:45) 2007
YouTube channel: NoMoreGreed Understanding MMS
Robert Crown YouTube channel (2018) great videos

Stew Peters Chlorine Dioxide interview with Dr. Aparicio (13:32) Doctor Manuel Aparicio has cured 1000s of Covid-19 patients.
Stew Peters Chlorine Dioxide interview with veteran David Oates (11:25) Oates’ mother contracted the bioweapon, and her body began shutting down rapidly, her oxygen levels dropping to 73. Oates gave her small amounts of the chlorine dioxide – within days, she sprung back to health. February 21, 2022.
Stew Peters Chlorine Dioxide interview with Mark Grenon (15:09) Political prisoner call in from Columbia prison: Missionary family arrested for curing w/ chlorine dioxide; March 11, 2022.
Stew Peters Chlorine Dioxide interview with Ali Shults. Ali Shultz joins to expose how she saved her father from the murder mill hospital. September 8, 2022.

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Using CD with Animals, Pets

for pets too

ABOVE: MMS / CCS for pets testimonial edition 2022.9
20 drops of Sodium Chlorite per gallon of drinking water
(avoid tap water with added fluoride & chlorine).
Make sure it stays out of sunlight.
Fill bowl as needed like you do with regular water.
Your pet will drink however much it needs.
CD takes care of heart worms in dogs too.

CDS-4Animals.pdf (20 pgs) by Brian Stone; protocols & testimonials 2022 With pets and many animals you don't need to "activate" the part A (NaClO2) solution before adding it to their drinking water. (You can but they may not like the flavor.) Many animals have more HCL (acid) in their stomachs than humans, and the NaClO2 is efficiently activated internally. So you can pre-mix their drinking water, store it (out of sunlight) and it retains its potency for a long time.

The Animals Treatment chapter in pdf form, from Jim Humbles most current book. I will add here, regarding horses (ruminants pg 290), they have a 2 compartment stomach, the stomach and a cecum. They produce a lot of hydrochloric acid, constantly, whether they are grazing on a pasture or standing in a stall. We (Bad Warrior Preservation breeder group) successfully treated one colt in Oklahoma for a significant bone cyst Xrayed and found in his pastern, summer 2022. We used MMS1 and DMSO topically, and gave him MMS (unactivated; straight sodium chlorite) in his water. He appeared completely recovered by 2 weeks. His prognosis from vet was very grim, they said they expected a club foot at best, and euthanasia very possible. He recovered completely and is normal now.

Human and Animal Chlorine Dioxide Miracle Cure Testimonials (10:08) TheUncovering Rumble channel.

Treating Sick Pets with Chlorine Dioxide (03:11) "The Testimonial" Edition 2022.9 Chlorine Dioxide Truth (Further Light and Knowledge) published on Rumble by Brian Stone, March 27, 2022.

Saving_the_cows_of_New_Zealand_with_Chlorine_Dioxide_with_David.mp4 (01:13:32) Cows can't handle MMS1. This was the reason Kalcker invented CDS. You must make CDS to treat cattle.

Brief History of CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) by COMUSAV Mundial; at timestamp 4:10 Jim Humble and Andreas Kalcker discuss together how AK developed the CDS version of MMS, to get the pH safe for IV therapy in sick cattle.

MMS Animal Protocols Jim Humble (taken from his most current book)
CDS for Pets Chlorine Dioxide Testimonies (telegram)
blind foster Guinea pig - now she can see (telegram post & video) so cute!
13YO Maltese life saved

CDS-mastitis-CLO2-for-cows-and-milk.pdf (2 pgs)
CDS-Mastitis-in-Cattle-treatment.pdf (2 pgs)
CDS-Honey-Bee-Clo2-Lackett-Oxodene.pdf (2 pgs)

Emergency Rabies / Tetanus Protocol for animal bites or tetanus exposure

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intro A&B MMS CDS bottle videos books links pets research: politics glossary suppliers

CD research & history

  • 1987: NASA proclaimed CDS a universal antidote.
  • 1995: United Nations named CDS the universal antidote that cures countless diseases.
  • “Chlorine Dioxide is an oxidizer that effectively kills pathogenic microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses.” ~ New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine

The Universal Antidote Documentary (01:47:27) was released by the Curious Outlier, free to the public on February 1, 2021. Curious Outlier is a registered nurse with 25 years of critical care experience. His website is recommended by Mike Adams, Health Ranger and founder of Brighteon. Along with the TUA documentary, see the free TUA ebooks:
      • The Universal Antidote University Beginner Training Guidebook
      • The Universal Antidote Interactive Reference Handbook copyright © 2021 by Curious Human Productions. The first part of this interactive reference guide is designed to give you quick access to all of the information presented in the movie documentary, The Universal Antidote. It includes the script of the documentary and references provided throughout the script as it progresses. This will allow an investigator to quickly look up all of the references as the documentary progresses. The second portion of this interactive reference guide provides the reader with links and citations to all of the research that I have uncovered during my two year investigation. These research article links and papers are by no means thorough, and as I continue my research, this work may be added to. Readers should be aware that the website links in this book may change.

(Below): The following links are to research sources, papers & videos I have saved over the months and years. I apologize in advance for any duplication of links already provided above in The Universal Antidote's collection.

Forbidden Health Forum. Andreas Kalcker is co-founder. Here you can ask questions and exchange experiences w/ the use of CDS in 19 languages w/ more than 80,000 members, and over 3000 registered members of the Swiss Association for Natural Biophysics (SVNB) using CDS (CLO2) safely and successfully without harmful effects claimed by some health agencies.

Dennis Richard: mmsDrHealth YouTube channel (original sites were apparently censored). Interviews with Dr. John Humiston ( This video series courtesy of former website, originally produced May 2008 by Phaelos Mediawerks, 860 N McQueen Rd #1171, Chandler, AZ 85225. 480-275-4925,
Interview with Dr. John Humiston - Pt 1. (09:35) Dr. John talks about: MMS, PH (below 6.9 you die) chronic inflammation, toxicity, cleansing, disease and how Western medicine is largely anti-science.
Interview with Dr. John Humiston - Pt 2. (09:44) Dr. John talks about: Allopathic Medicine, treatment, doctors education and their dissatisfaction in the results they are achieving. The USA has the highest infant mortality rate of all developed countries in the world. Covers diabetes, along with other diseases.
Interview with Dr. John Humiston - Pt 3. (09:59) Dr. John talks about: MMS, how he came to know about it, Jim Humble and Dennis Richard.
Interview with Dr. John Humiston - Pt 4. (09:04) Dr. John talks about: Applications for MMS, how it oxidates, no downside to taking MMS, its effectiveness. MMS safety, safety for children, the liver and sleep problems.
Interview with Dr. John Humiston - Pt 5. (07:28) Dr. John talks about: His view on MMS and the future of it's applications, oxidation and the effects thereof. Activating MMS and why it is so safe.
Interview with Dr. John Humiston - Pt 6. (09:53) Dr. John talks about: Oxidation, what it means, and why it is so important, antibodies, getting MMS from a reputable source, activating MMS with lime juice and the effects, Jim's MMS Regiment and how it has helped him, and the William Hitt Center and what they do.

Dr. Hesselhink:
Lectures: Understanding BIOREDOX By Thomas Lee Hesselink, MD, featuring Oxides Of Chlorine As Therapeutic Agents: Sodium chlorate, chlorine dioxide, acidified sodium chlorite, sodium chlorite, hypochlorous acid, sodium hypochlorite, elemental chlorine and electrolyzed saline have disinfectant and antibiotic effects. Some are produced internally as part of natural immunity. At low doses some have been found useful as immune stimulants. Available evidence shows potent activity against malaria and other infections.
Dr. Hesselink's Dictionary of Bio-Oxidative Medical Terms; chlorine dioxide (ClO2): a yellow gaseous substance composed of two atoms of oxygen covalently bound to each one atom of chlorine. It has one unpaired electron, but is unusually stable as a free radical and has no tendency to dimerize. It smells exactly like elemental chlorine (Cl2). In higher concentrations ClO2 is explosive. It is highly soluble in water. It is a potent oxidant which can release one or two atoms of monoatomic oxygen to numerous reactants or take up electrons from numerous substances. Chlorine dioxide is often reduced in a one electron step producing the chlorite (ClO2-) anion, however, under many circumstances it can be reduced all the way to chloride (Cl-). Like ozone, ClO2 is useful to disinfect drinking water and is a potent anti-infectious agent. Unlike elemental chlorine (Cl2), chlorine dioxide (ClO2) does not produce chloramines nor halomethanes. ClO2 preferentially reacts with ferrous (Fe++), manganous (Mn++), thiols (RSH), aldehydes (RCHO), phenols (ArOH), secondary amines (RNHR') and tertiary amines (RNR'R").
The Persecution of Alternatives by Dr. Thomas Lee Hesselink, M.D. ©2000. This is a description of Doctor Hesselink's services posted at the website of the American College for Advancement in Medicine, a prominent integrative organization.

Dr. Robert O. Young:
The Alkalizing Benefits of Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) in Human Health by Dr. Robert O Young DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner, published online Feb 3, 2020, 33 min read; updated: Aug 15, 2021. International Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination ISSN: 2470-9980.
Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) As a Non-Toxic Antimicrobial Agent for Virus, Bacteria and Yeast (Candida Albicans). by Dr. Robert O Young DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner, (2016) Int J Vaccines Vaccin 2(6): 00052. DOI: 10.15406/ijvv.2016.02.00052.
Dr. Robert O. Young: (53:22) original source published on 27 Apr 2021. Robert O Young DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner. Author, The Alkalizing Benefits of Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) in Human Health, Published Feb 3, 2020, Updated: Aug 15, 2021. International Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination. ISSN: 2470-9980. Ongoing research at the Innerlight Biological Research Foundation has been investigating the clinical usage of CLO2 with over 1200 patients, for over 25 years, for the following applications:

Herpes I and HI AIDS (HTLV-m)
Sty (eye)
Cold sores (herpes)
Shingles (herpes)
Canker sore
Ear infection
Chronic bronchitis Sinusitis
Strep throat
Pseudomonas Pneumonia
Periodontal disease
Bladder infections
Mycotic (Fungal)
Candida (systemic)
Candida (snails)
Candida (vaginitis)
Candida (oral; thrush)
Candida (gastrointestinal)
Ringworm Scleroderma
nonspecific spores; bacteria and virus

Dr. Manuel Aparicio:
Interview with Dr. Manuel Aparicio about his use of The Universal Antidote. Dr. Aparicio describes his discovery of The Universal Antidote (Chlorine Dioxide) and he recounts the past year of use during the COVID-19 pandemic. He describes a 99.6% cure rate and he tells about a 100% prophylactic prevention rate. He also describes some other remarkable reversals of Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes. Source: The Universal Antidote Videos.
Dr. Manual Aparicio (Planet Today News) July 28, 2021: Chlorine dioxide to treat COVID? YES. At the Red Pill Expo sideline, where Dr. Aparicio was a speaker, the orthopedic surgeon gives insight into his experience and how he is able to legally treat patients in Mexico using this treatment method that is frowned upon by most governments worldwide. Video: Doctor Has Cured Thousands of COVID Patients; 5000+ doctors across the world using CD to cure covid.

The Chlorine Dioxide Papers by Brian Stone, PhD.:
Here is my original list of research done on ClO2 Welcome to my Newsletter for Molecular Medicines, "The Testimonial" covering actual research on Chlorine Dioxide to show it is safe and effective. The following article and video series demonstrates more of the hundreds of research articles, medical studies, patents and industrial reviews that have been published over the past 50+ years on Chlorine Dioxide. Ironically, when you take Clo2 as a supplement, your body also heals faster from most any disease or infection.
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: Edition 2022.14 Treating the Flu with Chlorine Dioxide.
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: Edition 2022.13 Treating Sexually Transmitted Diseases with Chlorine Dioxide - "The Testimonial" Actual Article of Information Testimonials and Research data showing that Clo2 is effective and safe against STD's.
Chlorine Dioxide Papers: Edition 2022.12 Treating (Any and Every!!!) Infection with Chlorine Dioxide. Little infected scratch in your finger? MRSA Staph Infection? Bloodborne Pathogen? Check out how Chlorine Dioxide has safely helped others against infections. Testimonies AND Research. "The Testimonial" Actual Article.
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: Edition 2022.11 Treating Tumors with Chlorine Dioxide (Animals AND Humans) Testimonials and Research data showing that Clo2 is very effective and safe against tumors in both humans and animals. "The Testimonial" Actual Article.
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: Edition 2022.9 Treating Diabetes (Type 1 and 2) with Chlorine Dioxide - The Testimonials Article.
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: Edition 2022.8 Treating (& conquering) Allergies with Chlorine Dioxide - "The Testimonial"
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: Edition 2022.7 Autism. This is probably the single most controversial topic with Chlorine Dioxide that I have ever studied. It goes head to head with the biggest organizations (Pharmaceutical companies and the Media) like no other topic and it affects families, marriages, governments for a lifetime of work, funding and relationships. And yet, we have thousands who are recovering and here are some of their stories...
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: Edition 2022.6 Skin Problems Topic: Skin Issues - General Issues, Eczema, Burns, Insect Bites, Shingles, Scabies, Rosacea, Acne, Warts, Miscellaneous.
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: Edition 2022.5 Chlorine Dioxide safely destroys viruses regardless of their type, variant or origin. Will Chlorine Dioxide also stop the NEXT PANDEMIC? Of course! Its a VIRUS KILLER. Chlorine dioxide (Clo2) safely destroys all viruses that it comes in contact with.
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: Edition 2022.4 Treating Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Lupus with Chlorine Dioxide.
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: Edition 2022.3 Treating Cancer with Chlorine Dioxide
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: Edition 2022.2 Chlorine Dioxide vs. Arthritis
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: Edition 2022.1 Lyme Disease Treated with ClO2; The Testimonial Article.
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: Episode 2015.1 - (Research, Patents, Journal Articles etc) The Bedbug Killer: Another amazing use for Chlorine Dioxide.
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: 2012.1 Breaking Down Pharmaceutical Drugs with ClO2 "Oxidation"
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: 2010.1 Mercury Poisoning Removal with ClO2
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: 1988.1 Stops HIV / AIDS... because it's a virus.
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: 1982.1 Stops Polio without side effects (It's a virus killer) Polio is just another virus... that Chlorine Dioxide can destroy. See the Research since 1982.
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: 1979.1 How much ClO2 can the body handle? A lot! (10 x or more than a protocol). Chlorine Dioxide is safer than many people think. Scientists knew about this over 40 years ago.
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: Episode 1978.2 Its been in the drinking water for decades and EPA says it is safer than Chlorine (bleach).
The Chlorine Dioxide Papers: 1978.1 First patent that demonstrates that ClO2 kills germs.

What is Chlorine Dioxide: Bleach or Medicine?: The Chemistry of Miracle Mineral Solution. Is Chlorine Dioxide Safe to Use as a Medicine?

Ozone Without Borders Society for the Advancement of Bio-Oxidative Therapy

The scientific studies done on CDS (

We may be headed toward a new mouthrinse protocol, by Dr. Robert Martino, D.D.S. and Dr. Richard Downs, D.D.S., June 2, 2020, Dental Products Report, June 2020, Volume 54, Issue 6.

Determination of the Effectiveness of Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) in the Treatment of COVID 19; Review Article, Volume 15:S2, 2021, Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine, ISSN: 1747-0862. [open access] | Carrione E, Bolano Gomez B, Andrade Yohanny, Callisperis Patricia and Suxo Ana, et al. “Determination of the Effectiveness of Chlorine Dioxide in the Treatment of COVID 19.” J Mol Genet Med 15(2021): S2

Chlorine Dioxide and Sodium Chlorite Toxicity by Prof. Dr. D. Pablo Campra Madrid; degree in Biological Sciences and PhD in Chemical Sciences, University of Almería; Summary: The levels and conditions of toxicity of chlorine dioxide and chlorite have been determined by numerous studies and reports issued by official organisms, in particular the North American government. SUMMARY: There is no risk of adverse reactions shown with doses to 3mg / kg (/6.6 lb) / day to human organisms (or roughly 100mg / day / 200lb man).

Hypochlorous acid effect on graphene oxide. Neutrophils produced by a strong immune system produce hypochlorous acid which degrades carbon nanotubes (also known as graphene oxide). So if you disrupt the ability of human organisms to produce neutrophils then you improve survivability of carbon nanotubes (graphene oxide) in the body. Here's the evidence that shows a robust immune system (and MMS2) can neutralize graphene oxide.

Binding of human serum albumin to single-walled carbon nanotubes activated neutrophils to increase production of hypochlorous acid, the oxidant capable of degrading nanotubes Naihao Lu et al. Chem Res Toxicol. 2014.

PEGylated single-walled carbon nanotubes activate neutrophils to increase production of hypochlorous acid, the oxidant capable of degrading nanotubes. Vlasova, II et al. Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol. 264, 131-142 (2012).

Graphene oxide biodegrades with help of human enzymes June 2, 2015 by Graphene Flagship

Potable Aqua. FAQ: Potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide Purification Tablets

CDS-WHO-Chlorine dioxide (gas).pdf
CDS-research-Basic Science of MMS Chlorine Dioxide.pdf"
CDS-Determination of the Effectiveness of Chlorine Dioxide in the Treatment of COVID 19.pdf
CDS-List of Virus and bacteria that chlorine dioxide kills.pdf
CDS-The Myths and Misconceptions of Chlorine Dioxide Gas.pdf


Historical Interview with Early Pioneer of Chlorine Dioxide, Howard Alliger (49:23) This is the only known recorded interview with Howard Alliger, who died at the age of 92 in 2019 and was the founder and owner of Frontier Pharmaceutical, Inc., Melville, NY ( Howard Alliger patented one of the first commercially available products utilizing chlorine dioxide for individual human and animal use. His product was called Alcide. Howard and his Alcide corporation history are discussed in the documentary The Universal Antidote. This interview was originally an episode of Talk for Food, produced and hosted by Adam Abraham, June 25, 2008 on

Immobilization of chlorine dioxide modified cells for uranium absorption

Chlorine Dioxide is gaining trust & respect among the scientific and medical community.

COVID UPDATE: What is the Truth? Russell L. Blaylock. Published online 2022 Apr 22. doi: 10.25259/SNI_150_2022. (

Master Mineral Solution – MMS – Myth or Miracle? By Ron Lee, circa 2012, investigative journalist, U.S.Observer.

How Are They Ever Going To Live This One Down? Chlorine Dioxide Is Unequivocal Cure For Symptomatic & Laboratory Confirmed Covid-19 Infection. By Bill Sardi, April 30, 2021 (

Full Interview about The Universal Antidote with Dr. Patricia Callisperis from Bolivia. This is an interview with Dr. Patricia Callisperis (29:34), a surgeon and specialist in pediatric orthopedic trauma from Bolivia. She discovered chlorine dioxide for herself when a friend and colleague suggested its use on oral lesions that could not be cured with standard treatments. After her cure she began her own deep dive into understanding what chlorine dioxide is and what it can do. It is because of her efforts that chlorine dioxide was legalized for the treatment of COVID-19 in the country of Bolivia. It's legalization and use has led to a drastic decline in case rates and case fatalities for COVID-19 in Bolivia. Source: The Universal Antidote Videos.

A MILLION DOLLARS TO THE FDA PERSON WHO CAN PROVE THAT CLO2 IS DANGEROUS when taken in proper dilution. So far, no winners. The man making the public challenge to the FDA is a wealthy Mexican man who was dying of Covid when he started taking chlorine dioxide. It may have saved his life and he wants to spread the word about how he recovered. Here's the video about it. Wealthy Mexican millionaire recovers rapidly from COVID after taking THE UNIVERSAL ANTIDOTE and he then makes a $1,000,000 challenge to the FDA or anybody that can prove that THE UNIVERSAL ANTIDOTE is toxic.

No allergies have ever been reported from anyone using it. (Julie, telegram group admin)

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  • CDS has recently been legalized for use in Bolivia as treatment for COVID-19, despite mounting pressure from the over reaching FDA and other alphabetic agencies the world over… Yes MMS cures Corona Virus – like it does so many other harmful pathogens (viruses, bacteria and fungi).
  • Brazil Getting Closer to Legalizing Chlorine Dioxide as a Medical Treatment: First it was Bolivia, now Mexico is on its way and Brazil is getting closer.
  • Seller of “Miracle Mineral Solution” Convicted for Marketing Toxic Chemical as a Miracle Cure Louis “Daniel” Smith, 45, was convicted following a seven-day trial of conspiracy, smuggling, selling misbranded drugs and defrauding the United States. Evidence at trial showed that Smith operated a business called “Project GreenLife” (PGL) from 2007 to 2011. A Spokane, Washington, man was sentenced October 2015 to more than four years in federal prison for selling industrial bleach as a miracle cure for numerous diseases and illnesses, including cancer, AIDS, malaria, hepatitis, Lyme disease, asthma and the common cold. Daniel Smith, Project Greenlife [Daniel]
  • FDA: “Operation Quack Hack”: Medical Mafia vs. Medical Health Freedom Fighters, by Janus Demos, Need to Know Publications, UK. Featuring Maryam Henein; investigative journalist, founder and editor of HoneyColony. Under the guise of safety (read: control) and fueled by a narrative that COVID-19 is a pandemic devastating the world, the U.S. government has issued a veritable witch hunt against online health professionals and natural remedies.

the Grenons - big pharma prisoners of war

  • FREE The GRENONS: Fight for Freedom at GiveSendGo, #1 free Christian crowdfunding site. Campaign created by: Elizabeth Lamboy-Wilson. Archbishop Jim Humble — Genesis II Church founder, Archbishop Mark S. Grenon Co-founder (photo: Mark Grenon & 3 sons).
  • Read the whole Grenon story here (Chlorine Dioxide Testimonies telegram group)
  • December 2021 update on Grenons, Pete Santilli reported by Maryam Henein.
  • Behind Prison Bars (27:40) Medical Political Prisoner Mark Grenon Reveals the Truth Behind Chlorine Dioxide. In this new episode of YouTube Terminated, David Oates, founder of Chlorine Dioxide Testimonies ( telegram account) is able to talk to Mark Grenon via prison phone, about why he's become a medical-political prisoner as well as how the FDA and other authorities are trying to shut down the truth about COVID-19 and treatments to fight it. Dec 06, 2021.
  • Mark Grenon from his Colombian prison (53:12) Dec 17, 2021.
  • Creating Criminals Out of Innocent People - Listen to Johnathan Grenon recorded call from jail (08:20) on Lady Bee TV.Gab Channel.
  • Mark Grenon and sons arrested in Florida (2020)
  • Behind Prison Bars: Medical political prisoner Mark Grenon reveals the truth behind Chlorine Dioxide.
  • Mark S. Grenon vs. Deep State over right to use chlorine dioxide (2021). When Covid arrived, the FDA went after Grenon, head of the Florida-based Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. In April 2021, Grenon and three of his adult sons were indicted by a grand jury in Miami. He and one son Joseph is incarcerated in Bogota, where they await extradition. Jordan and Jonathan are in jail in Miami. “There's 5,000 doctors in 25 countries that have come forward that are exclusively using it for COVID,” he points out. “Bolivia has made it legal for COVID everything that we've stated is proven in clinical studies. They have nothing. They have no evidence against us whatsoever that it does any damage to the human body, or that it doesn't work.”
  • The Controversy. Andreas Kalcker
    • “The truth needs no explanation, lies do.”
    • “Cures for covid are hidden because they want to vaccinate you.”
  • Veteran Saves Mother's Life With Chlorine Dioxide: The FDA Hides Alternative Treatments

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CD acronyms

Ca(ClO)2 calcium hypochlorite (MMS2)
ClO2 chlorine dioxide
CA citric acid (C6H8O7)
CD chlorine dioxide (ClO2)
CDH chlorine dioxide holding (solution)
CDS chlorine dioxide solution; ClO2 gas dissolved in water
DMSO dimethylsulfoxide
DW distilled water; can also use RO, purified or filtered water
H2O water (5 ppm or less)
H2O2 hydrogen peroxide: oxygenated water (read more on Health Hacks pg).
(1) hydrochloric acid 4% solution; (part B) for making CDS & MMS.
(2) muriatic acid (higher concentration, lower purity)
(3) salt acid, stomach acid, etc.
MA muriatic acid sold in hardware stores, a cheaper, less pure form of HCl
MMS (usually 22.4%) sodium chlorite solution made from 80% NaClO2 flakes
MMS1 activated MMS; master mineral solution or miracle mineral solution.
MMS2 Ca(ClO)2 calcium hypochlorite (>65% powder or granules)
MSM methylsulfonylmethane or DMSO2, the oxidized form of DMSO
NaCl sodium chloride crystals (table salt)
NaClO sodium hypochlorite: (pool shock, chlorine laundry bleach)
(1) sodium chlorite dry (powder / flakes) in 80% purity
(2) sodium chlorite solution; (Part A) used for making chlorine dioxide
    usually 22.4% solution from 28% salts
NaClO3 sodium chlorate: industrial bleaching chemical
RO reverse osmosis water, can be used instead of distilled or purified water

CD terminology

Biofilm is a microorganism layer of organized bacterial pathogen colonies that protect the “garbage” in your body from your immune system. Biofilm is defined as a sticky substance that sticks to wet surfaces in the body, that hides pathogens in and under them making them difficult to remove. The good thing is… CD is able to break through biofilm and then your immune system can perform as it should and remove the toxins from your body.

Calcium Hypochlorite (CaO2) when mixed with water produces Hypochlorous Acid (HClO2). "Cal Hypo" is sold as a form of pool shock in dry powder flakes form. It is ingested (taken as MMS2) in a gel capsule with at least 4-8 ounces of water. When the capsule dissolves in your stomach, the CaO2 mixes with the water and produces hypochlorous acid (HClO2), which is the same thing your white blood cells produce in your body. Most people are deficient in HClO2. Like Chlorine Dioxide, it fights fungus, viruses and bacteria, killing off infections quickly, however HClO2 kills pathogens in a different way. And it is not affected by specific foods or drinks like ClO2 is. Protocol 2000 uses both MMS1 and MMS2, to fight serious illnesses. This protocol works deep in the body tissues that are greatly malfunctioning and out of homeostatic balance. The results of these kinds of diseases are various types of cancers, tumors, long-term arthritis buildup, malfunctioning organs (such as a pancreas) and even the brain. In protocol 2000, the person takes alternating doses of Chlorine Dioxide and Calcium Hypochlorite separated by periods of an hour for a total of ten times each day. This process is typically done for 21 days or more depending on the severity of the disease and the body’s recovery time. Also see below, MMS2.

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) shows an amazing ability to destroy (through oxidation) disease-causing microorganisms on or in the human (or animal) body, while doing no harm to the surrounding living tissue. Because of the chemical nature of chlorine dioxide, when it destroys these pathogens, it leaves behind only a few grains of plain table salt, discharged oxygen atoms, and dead pathogenic microorganisms, which the body can easily wash out of the system. Distilled water saturates with dissolved ClO2 at 3000ppm.

Citric Acid:
(1) You can mix 50 gm acidic citric acid powder to 50 ml water and make Part B which is fine for making CDS. Citric acid, when ingested, can cause significant stomach upset, which is why we use 4% HCl in MMS recipes. Use citric acid for external activation (CDS) and not for internal ingestion (MMS). More expensive food grade, non-GMO citric acid can be found, but it is still not recommended for ingestion (as Part B when making MMS), because its pH is too acidic, it promotes the growth of opportunistic bacteria like Citrobacter, which feed off of the citrate left over from the reaction, and also leads to over-acidification of the intestine which causes digestive upset and diarrhea. Also, being a slow acid, it is not as effective as 4% hydrochloric acid, which is what we use for Part B when making MMS activated drops for ingestion. Our stomachs contain hydrochloric acid by nature.
The process by which commercial citric acid is made does involve a black mold called aspergillus niger. However, all of the mold is filtered from the final product. The product is treated with calcium hydroxide to yield calcium citrate, which is treated with sulfuric acid to form pure citric acid. Sulfuric acid consumes anything biological, any mold, fungus, etc, and leaves the citric acid in its purest state. Dry citric acid is stored well for years, and is cheap. (from several sources, including Andreas Kalcker, Forbidden Health)
(2) Other acids: You can use fresh lemon juice, fresh lime juice, apple cider vinegar, or regular vinegar. Fresh lemons or limes do not alter the potency of CD, nor do they interfere with or decrease its potency, like store-bought pasteurized juice will. If a fresh juice is chosen, the ratio will be five drops of the juice or vinegar for every one drop of sodium chlorite, and the activation time is raised to 3 minutes before adding water or juice. Lactic acid is the primary acid that is used by frontier pharmaceutical in their products. (Curious Outlier)

Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO)

  • DMSO: was once used to sore Walking Horses, when rubbed on pasterns w/ mustard oil
  • DMSO: Must not come in contact with ABS or PET plastics, rubber stoppers, or gloves
  • DMSO: Can use polyethylene (PE) dropper, and high density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles

Equivalency: HOW MANY DROPS OF MMS ARE EQUIVALENT TO 1 ML OF CDS? Although in principle we could say that 1 ml of CDS is equivalent to about 3 drops of MMS, this is not correct: it depends on how it is applied. When topical, this relationship is more or less correct. However, when ingested, MMS causes a side reaction with stomach acids that greatly increases the amount of chlorine dioxide gas. And it always depends on the acidity of each person's gastric juices, which have individual and dynamic values: They change depending on whether the person is fasting or not, whether it is morning or evening ... In summary, therefore, it can not be compared. For ingestion and enemas, it was agreed that 1 drop MMQ is equal to 1 ml of CDS 0.3% (= 3000 ppm). ~ Junglejuice

Herxheimer reaction
is a transient phenomenon from detoxifying the body -- resulting from the die-off of harmful pathogens, if that process occurs faster than the body's ability to flush those toxins out. Endotoxin-like products are released by the death of harmful microorganisms in the body and the consequent release of those toxins into the bloodstream, results in a systemic inflammatory response. That may involve nausea, diarrhea, fever, or rash. The Herxheimer reaction is proof detoxification is working, and is the body's natural indication of a dosage limit. The Herxheimer response to the destruction of harmful microorganisms indicates the need for cessation or reduction of treatment.

Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is a caustic, colorless solution with a distinctive pungent smell. It is classified as a strong corrosive acid. It is a component of the gastric acid in the digestive systems of most animal species, including humans. Used as Part B to make MMS or ClO2.

  • Neither HCl nor citric acid are recommended to come into contact with the skin.
  • In a low concentration (4%) HCl should not do much serious damage if accidentally spilled on the skin, but it should, nevertheless, be rinsed off immediately with clean water. If HCl acid gets into the eyes, wash the eye with clean water until the stinging feeling is gone. If you wash the eye immediately, there should be no problem, but if it takes longer than 30 seconds before getting clean water into your eye, there may be a problem and you should go to an emergency clinic; but not before (still) rinsing the eye thoroughly with water. Some suggested precautions to avoid splashes in the eyes to begin with would be—wear glasses when pouring acids, take care to keep the bottle at a distance and height so as to avoid a splash in the eye, use a deep enough glass.
  • If you handle HCl in a higher concentration, do so in a very well ventilated area, use a proper mask, wear gloves and be very careful to not breathe in the fumes, as it can cause damage. Anytime you transport or carry strong acids any distance further than within the same room, you should also carry water with you, to enable you to immediately rinse any spilled acid off of your skin or out of the eyes. Large spills can cause severe damage and even death if not rinsed off the skin or out of the eyes immediately.
  • Muriatic acid is a higher concentrated, less pure form of HCl—(see muriatic acid), and it typically contains impurities such as iron, etc. M.A. is widely available at home supply stores, and is used to remove mold, hard water stains, clean tile, rock, brick or masonry surfaces and to lower pH levels and retard bacteria growth in pool water. It's also used in industrial leather processing. It has a pH level 1-2. How to take plain muriatic acid and convert it to reagent grade hydrochloric acid. (03:01) courtesy of

Hypochlorous Acid (HClO2) (see MMS2 or calcium hypochlorite)

MMS: MMS1 is a 22.4% solution of sodium chlorite (NaClO2) in distilled water (SC). Activated MMS1 is sodium chlorite mixed 1:1 with a food grade acid solution. That causes a chemical reaction that produces chlorine dioxide solution (CDS). Used properly, CDS is highly effective in eliminating toxins and disease pathogens in the body using an oxidation process.

MMS2 is calcium hypochlorite, Ca(ClO)2 mixed with water, which forms hypochlorous acid which is an oxidizing acid that the human immune system naturally produces to destroy disease germs and clean up poisons in the system. Many people today are deficient in hypochlorous acid, and therefore proper supplementation with MMS2 has proven beneficial to help eradicate disease.

  • MMS2 is calcium hypochlorite in powder form in size zero gel capsules. Buy from a swimming pool store. Use 65% Ca(ClO)2 powder. Calcium hypochlorite turns into hypochlorous acid when dissolved in water. It is used to kill pathogens & harmful microorganisms in the body. Contrary to belief there is no available chlorine from this chemical regardless of what is said on the label. A size #0 capsule holds approximately 300mg Ca(ClO)2. Fill the capsules but do not pack it in. Do not use sodium hypochlorite.
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes to calcium hypochlorite in powder form.
  • Do not directly breathe the fumes from calcium hypochlorite.
  • In case of a spill of calcium hypochlorite powder, remember it is somewhat flammable: clean it up with two dustpans, or one dustpan and a wet rag, but do not use a broom, because a spark could easily ignite the broom when in contact with the calcium hypochlorite powder.
  • calcium hypochlorite powder should not come into contact with metal (no bottles with metal caps).
  • Do not allow calcium hypochlorite (MMS2) to come into contact with DMSO. This will cause immediate spontaneous combustion (no sparks needed) and produce an explosion of extreme heat and fire.
  • When on a protocol that calls for taking both MMS1 and MMS2 in the same day, separate doses by 1/2 hour.
  • When on a protocol that calls for DMSO doses, you can do this, but the MMS2 dose must be separated out by an hour from the DMSO dose. Never take DMSO and Calcium Hypochlorite (CaO2), at the same time.

MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane. Methylsulfonylmethane is the oxidized form of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), an organic sulfur compound (aka organosulfur compound) formed from lignan. It's also known as dimethyl sulfone (methyl sulfone) or DMSO2. This organic sulfur-containing compound naturally occurs in some green vegetables and other food products, plus it's found in the human body, in many animals, and in milk. It's also a natural substance made from phytoplankton in the oceans.

Muriatic Acid (MA) is a lower grade, common, cheap form of hydrochloric acid (HCl) (Part B), and is widely available at home supply stores. It typically contains impurities such as iron, etc. MA is usually sold in strengths from 15--31.45% HCl solution. It is used by homeowners to remove mold, hard water stains, to clean tile, rock, brick or masonry surfaces and to retard bacteria growth and lower pH levels in pool water. It's also used commercially in leather processing. MA has a pH level 1-2. How to take plain muriatic acid and convert it to reagent grade hydrochloric acid. (03:01) old video, courtesy of Some people use muriatic acid as Part B without distilling it, which should cause no problem when making CDS. But like citric acid, muriatic acid would be a sub-standard Part B when making MMS drops directly for ingestion.

Snoot is Chlorine Dioxide. “I know the owner of the company. It uses part A and part B and produces a mist spray approx 30 ppm.” ~ Curious Outlier.

Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3) (baking soda) — 21 Questions About Sodium Bicarbonate by Dr. Mark Sircus

Sodium Chlorate (NaClO3) is much higher in potency and lower in quality, than sodium chlorite that we use as (Part A). Sodium chlorate is used commercially for industrial whitening in fabric and paper production. It is not used for water purification, because chlorate produces nausea and diarrhea. When shopping for sodium chlorite powder, check ingredients and make sure that it doesn't contain more than 1% sodium chlorate.

Sodium Chlorite (NaClO2) is mainly composed of three elements—sodium, chlorine, and oxygen (Na + Cl + O2 = NaClO2).
   In dry form, sodium chlorite comes in 80% powder or flakes or mineral salts; it adheres to a base of sodium chloride-common salt-and possibly some trace minerals, which comprises about 15-20% of the powder. It is the raw material used to make cheap Part A sodium chlorite solution at home.
   • Check your Sodium Chlorite Flake SDS (Safety Data Sheet), it should preferably be Reagent or Lab Grade as opposed to Technical grade which has other residual ingredients as well as possible excessive Sodium Chlorate residuals.
   • Dry sodium chlorite is a white crystalline inorganic sodium salt that acts as an oxidizing agent; often used commercially for the production of chlorine dioxide used in water treatment, food cleaning and surface sanitation.
   • When exposed to high heat, dry NaClO2 tends to be explosive.
   • It can form explosive mixtures with specific combustible materials.
   • In dry form it is also known as sodium salt textone.
   • Dry sodium chlorite completely dissolves in water.
   • Sodium chlorite powder or flakes for home use may occasionally be found in pool supply stores, but more often from chemical supply distributors online.
   In solution form at 22-25%, NaClO2 is used as Part A for making CDS or MMS.
   • When sodium chlorite is used to kill pathogens in drinking water, it leaves no toxic carcinogenic residues behind (like chlorine does).
   • Jim humble mentions using 22.4% NaClO2.
   • Andreas Kalcker uses 25% NaClO2 solution.
   • You can purchase NaClO2 solutions labeled as 28% sodium chlorite, but if that solution was made from 80% flakes (and most are), it is actually a 22.4% solution.
   • Sodium Chlorite solution is also known as chlorous acid.
   • Sodium Chlorite solution is sometimes referred to as liquid oxygen.

Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) liquid chlorine bleach
   • Sodium hypochlorite solution is sold in 10-15% strength used for liquid chlorine Pool Shock.
   • Sodium hypochlorite solution is sold in approx 8.5% strength as common household laundry bleach, found in any grocery or home supply store.
   • Sodium hypochlorite solution is light yellowish in color.
   • Sodium hypochlorite solution is unstable and loses potency (breaks down) over time.
   • When sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine bleach) is used to sanitize public drinking water (in city tap water) to kill pathogens, toxic carcinogenic residues result from that pathogen kill off. Chlorine Dioxide does not produce THMs like chlorine does, and does not form chloroform or toxic bromochloromethane like chlorine does.

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  • Can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea if overused.
  • Do not use undiluted.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • CD is safe during pregnancy & nursing.
  • Accidental Overdose: To neutralize sodium chlorite / chlorine dioxide in emergencies, use only baking soda and never vitamin C (ascorbic acid); like they used to recommend in the past. A person that has accidentally ingested too much sodium chlorite or CDS should take 240 ml of water with a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate. That neutralizes the effect immediately. Vitamin C, an acid, reacts with sodium chlorite and spontaneously produces chlorine dioxide gas, which when accidentally overdosed, you do not want. ~ Andreas Kalcker, Forbidden Health
  • The only people who might experience negative reactions from using CD are those with detox mutations (see health hacks), and anyone (VERY rare, because every cell in your body makes it:) who might be critically low on glutathione (see health supplements). Both those conditions should have various workaround remedies.

“It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.” ~ Voltaire

  • Caution: According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), sodium chlorite is a hazardous, life-threatening chemical that must never be swallowed.
  • According to another FDA warning it is not to be used as medicine. Due to FDA regulations this product can only be sold in USA for water purification, food cleaning or surface sanitation. This product cannot legally be sold or distributed as a pharmaceutical or medicine to treat or cure disease. If the government finds you doing this, you will be jailed.
  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) isn't very happy about CDS... Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Warns Seller Marketing Dangerous Chlorine Dioxide Products that Claim to Treat or Prevent COVID-19. Agency Continues Effort to Protect Public Health from Fraudulent and Harmful Products. For Immediate Release: April 08, 2020.

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