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Animals; Pets

Animals; Livestock: see Homesteading

Dog Groomer Clipper Blade Alignment

● Part 1 How to (Flat) Sharpen Any Clipper Blade Professionally w/ Sandpaper
● Part 2 Hollow Ground vs Flat Sharpening Clipper Blades w/ Sandpaper
● Part 3 How to Hollow Ground Sharpen Clipper Blades w/ Sandpaper
● Part 4 How to Make Custom Clipper Blade Magnets

AGEs (advanced glycation end products) in ultraprocessed pet foods
Alternative_Medicine_for_Pets_Your_Guide_to_Holistic_Health.pdf Register Your Pet As a Service Animal
● ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Phone Number: 888-426-4435

Dog Food Recipes, Nutrition, Books:
Dog Health Secrets.pdf; Dr. Andrew Jones Holistic At-Home Remedies
Healthy Pets > Bark & Whiskers; Dr. Karen Becker
● Patella Luxation: Exercises to Help Avoid Surgery for Luxating Patella in Dogs youtube (5:03)
● Vaccinate? Majority of Dog Owners Are Now Skeptical of Vaccines
● Vaccinate? Pet Titer Tests: Your vet can submit samples to University of Wisconsin-Madison vet school for a reasonable fee ($55). Healthy Dog Workshops allow owners to submit their samples.
Veterinary Secrets; Dr. Jones, Natural Pet Health

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