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How the Censorship Industry Works, and How We Can Stop It... (video 01:17:10) The Internet: A Planned 'Trojan Horse' for Totalitarianism? Launched in 1991, the internet was likely not intended to remain free forever. The intention was for it to be used as a totalitarian tool and that was baked in from the start. Google started as a DARPA grant and was part of the CIA’s and NSA's digital data program, the purpose of which was to conduct “birds of a feather” mapping online so that certain groups could be neutralized. All of the early internet freedom technologies of the ‘90s were funded by the Pentagon and the State Department. Today, AI censors information en masse, turning technologies originally developed for national security, against the American public, using it to control public discourse based on the language used, preventing it from being seen at all. To learn more, check out foundationforfreedomonline.com.

Bulletproof Strategies For Total Online Privacy.pdf

HIPAA CCHF Action Alert • Refuse to Sign • Policy Briefs • September 09, 2013 • HIPAA - The Grand Deception: HIPAA does not protect health privacy - use this one-page CCHF document at your clinic and hospital to REFUSE TO SIGN the HIPAA "privacy" form. Contact CCHF for business-card-sized "refuse to sign" forms you can carry in your wallet.
HIPAA One Pager.pdf

Health Privacy Alert! HIPAA does not protect privacy... and, you are not required to sign HIPAA "PRIVACY" forms for service. 25 ways HIPAA harms you (pdf).

Does Facebook Have Your Medical Records?

Clear Foundation White Paper.

Freedom Phone: How to Own a Phone That Does Not Spy On You | Clear.co.com | Michael Proper | Decentralized v. centralized, open source vs closed source, technology for good v. evil, Apple & Google v. Clear OS ID Freedom Read book: "Tools & Weapons". Clay Clark's Re-Awaken America Tour, January 20, 2022 | clearunited.com
Freedom Phone (freedomphone.com, Erik Finman, founder) Enters Into Strategic Partnership With ClearCellular To Deliver Decentralized Hardware & Software To Freedom Phone Customers. August 8, 2021.

ClearOS Mobile / Freedom Phone: Conservative pundit Candace Owens backs the ‘Freedom Phone' that's designed to promote free speech in fight against Big Tech 20 January, 2022.

"Privacy Not Included." Be Smart. Shop Safe. How creepy is that smart speaker, that fitness tracker, those wireless headphones? We created this guide to help you shop for safe, secure connected products.

NSA Black Paper (sovereignman.com)

Duck No Go censorship-duckduckgo-destroys-brand-embracing-censorship.pdf Privacy-Focused Search Engine No Longer Unbiased
Google Lite: DuckDuckGo Signs Secret Deal with Bill Gates to Track Users Online. EU Times, May 25th, 2022. DuckDuckGo has been caught colluding with Bill Gates to tracks users online while misleadingly promoting itself as an advocate of privacy and free speech.

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archive recipes aging cancer covid detox DMSO gut health H2O2
health hacks supplements Mg MMS1 MMS2 mold parasites vaxx weight